What are Bottle Jacks?

Bottle jacks are a type of jack, and you probably already know what a jack is. But for those who might not be very familiar with mechanical tools, here is a brief definition of what a jack is:

A jack is referred to as a mechanical device primarily used to lift a load, usually a very heavy one that you can’t, otherwise, lift by yourself; like a vehicle, heavy-duty machinery, a mobile home, or anything of the sort. There are several types of jacks which include hydraulic jacks, mechanical jacks, floor jacks, and bottle jacks. Our focus today will be on bottle jacks.

Bottle jacks get their name from their appearance and shape. If you’ve come across one before, you should know, and if you haven’t, you’d easily recognize it by its bottle shape. It bears a big resemblance to an actual glass milk bottle.

When real heavy stuff has to be lifted (like vehicles or heavy duty machinery), bottle jacks are often the jack of choice because of their strength and lifting capacity.

A brief rundown of how they work: Usually, they have a cylindrical chamber. Oil gets pumped into this chamber and when that happens, it causes the plunger to get pushed upwards and downwards. With the continuation of this upward and downward movement, the pressure is gradually built and this pressure is what now jacks the heavy object upwards.

Just like every other jack, bottle jacks are usually addressed by their rated maximum capacity. That’s why you see something like a 10-ton bottle jack or a 12-ton bottle jack, for instance.

Commonly, the bottle jacks you’d find will most likely be rated between 0.5 tons and 5 tons. However, for industrial use, where really heavy objects need to be lifted, you can also find 50-ton bottle jacks.

You might be surprised but there are actually special bottle jacks called high-capacity bottle jacks or barrel bottle jacks that can actually lift an entire house off its foundations! Pretty cool, right? So far it isn’t your house, yes.

How is a Bottle Jack Different from Other Hydraulic Lifting Devices?

Perhaps, the greatest differences between a bottle jack and other types of lifting devices are the shape and the orientation of a bottle jack to the lifted object. For a bottle jack, there is the characteristic cylindrical body that houses the stem. This stem contains another structure referred to as the hydraulic ram. On top of this hydraulic ram is a bearing pad which is what actually touches the load to be lifted.

Another difference is that bottle jacks come with only one single piston, vertically aligned, and called the bottle. When the oil is pumped into this bottle with the hand plunger, there is a pressure exchange which causes the bearing pad to begin to move vertically. Do bear in mind, though, that there are some higher-end higher-capacity jacks that are operated mechanically instead of manually.

Also, bottle jacks are mainly used for objects with a high clearance and can only offer a short vertical lift. Bottle jacks aren’t designed to lift objects to very great heights due to limitations on their height.

Furthermore, bottle jacks get their pistons pressurized either mechanically or manually (using a hand-pump) while floor jacks, for example, get their systems pressurized using a foot pump.

How to use a Bottle Jack

Now, just before you make use of any bottle jack, you must ensure that you have carefully inspected the jack for irregularities. Here are a few tips to guide:

  • Make sure that the jack is not broken
  • Ensure that you have inspected the jack carefully for damaged parts
  • Also, ensure that no part of the jack is bent or out of shape
  • Finally, you should find out if the jack has had to experience any shock load

Now, let’s get to using your bottle jack proper.

Using a bottle jack is relatively simple, especially if you aren’t a complete noob when it comes to auto tools. A bottle jack only takes a few steps to get it up and jacking.

In the first place, what you want to do is to disengage the hydraulic ram. You do this by turning the ram counterclockwise. Now, there is some pressure already in the unit as we have explained to you before. This pressure would have to be released also. And you can do that by locating the valve (it is usually found close to the bottom of the device) and then turning it. Keep turning that valve until all the pressure is completely released. This will put the jack in a locked position. Once the valve is unlocked, the bearing pad is released. And once this happens, follow these quick steps to get your bottle jack to lift.

    1. A bottle jack usually comes with a handle. You should get the handle into its assembly by simply passing it through a ring that you will find on the device
    2. After this, begin to pump the plunger upwards and downwards. For every time the plunger goes downwards towards the floor, the piston builds pressure and this pressure moves the bearing pad vertically upwards
    3. Now, you can carefully place that bearing pad just beneath the load to be lifted. Please, while doing this, be a hundred percent sure that the grip on the load being lifted is a firm, stable one

When you’re done with the jack, you can get the piston to release its pressure by removing the handle first and then turning that valve you turned at the beginning (close to the bottom of the jack) slowly until all the air is let out.

Caring for your Bottle Jack

  1. After lowering the bottle jack, remove the filter plug found at the side of the chamber
  2. Turn the jack over so that the old oil can drain out of the chamber completely
  3. The used hydraulic oil should be properly disposed of following the standards of your locality
  4. Stand your jack properly and then fill it with high-grade hydraulic oil. Fill to the brim and ensure that you have saturated the oil fill hole as well with the oil
  5. After this, you can replace the filter plug
  6. Clean your unit with a mild detergent and dry properly with a dry cloth
  7. Lastly, ensure that your jack is properly stored out of reach of unauthorized individuals, especially children

Things to consider before buying a bottle jack

While there are a number of things to consider if you want to ensure you pick the right bottle jack for you, here are those we consider the most important..

Capacity – 4 tons, 6 tons, 12 tons, 20 tons… What load capacity do you plan to lift with your bottle jack? It’s pointless buying a 20-ton jack when the maximum load you have to carry is just 4 tons.

Lifting range – How many inches would this jack lift your load? Check this as it will determine the maximum height your load will be raised.

Material – The material determines how solid a jack is and, by consequence, how safely it would lift a load. That’s in addition to how durable it would be.

Hydraulic or pneumatic – Some people will say go for one that allows you both hydraulic and pneumatic options. But depending on your peculiar situation, you might prefer just a plain hydraulic bottle jack. Choose accordingly what suits your situation best.

Now that we’ve shared some bits and pieces of bottle jacks, join us as we take a look at ten great bottle jacks from top brands…


1. Alltrade Powerbuilt Bottle Jack

  • Manufacturer – Alltrade
  • Capacity – 3 tons
  • Lifting range – 11 inches to 21 inches
  • Material – Steel
  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 21.8 pounds
  • Dimensions approx. – 9.75 inches x 9.75 inches x 12.25 inches


Since 1979, Alltrade Tools has gained and maintained a leading spot in the industry of home and garage tools. The brand stakes a huge claim in today’s tools market with its first-class products manufactured with cutting-edge technology and innovation. With a presence in every continent of the world, Alltrade Tools has been able to afford millions and millions of people around the globe the opportunity to own its vast array of smart work tools that help to make work or play a task to look forward to.

On our reviews for the best bottle jacks in the market, we are glad to present this amazing and convenient 3-ton bottle jack. We’re sure you’d love it for so many reasons. In the first place, you can say bye-bye to jack stands now. This unit comes as a jack and jack-stand in one device. Now, you can get more convenience and simpler usage in one jack. This design comes patented so you’d hardly find it elsewhere.

This sweet lightweight 22-pound bottle jack is also excellent for lifting things way above its tiny size. It’s a 3-ton bottle jack! That means that despite its light weight, it can conveniently lift up to 6000 pounds of whatever you need to be lifted in your garage. Amazing!

It’s got a wide base so that your jack is very stable on the ground while under your vehicle. This is safer for your vehicle and you as it eliminates any chances of a sudden descent. Plus, even on soft, muddy ground, the jack won’t begin to sink into the ground. The wide base gives it significant stability.

And to further assure you, the jack even comes with a safety valve with which you can lock the jack once you have your vehicle lifted to your preferred height. Now, you’re sure your vehicle is going nowhere. No monkey business and everyone is safer for it.

For something that lifts your vehicle conveniently and safely, you can trust this excellent low profile bottle jack. It can even easily lift and support vehicles with low lift points such as 8-5/8 inches.

This means that with this device, lifting almost any type of vehicle is possible, from CUVs to small SUVs to sedans.

Finally, this jack occupies only a very small footprint; so if size matters to you, this small bottle jack should do just fine for you.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Alltrade Powerbuilt Bottle Jack


  • It comes as a jack and jack stand in one unit, making it safe, convenient and easy to use
  • It’s a lightweight bottle jack but lifts up to 3 tons in capacity
  • It is very stable on any surface, even wet muddy ones due to its very wide base
  • It comes with a safety valve which helps to lock the jack once your vehicle is lifted to your preferred height
  • It’s low profile and easily lifts and supports vehicles with low lift points such as 8-5/8 inches
  • Its really small footprint makes it very easy to store


  • The handle is practically useless as it is too short and jacking up the car from underneath it is too dangerous. It is advised that you change the handle once you get this jack to something longer

2. OTC Stinger Bottle Jack

  • Manufacturer – OTC
  • Capacity – 3 tons
  • Lifting range – 7.5 to 14-9/16
  • Material – Steel
  • Color – Chrome
  • Weight – 3.7 pounds
  • Dimensions approx. – 5 x 4 x 8 inches


Boasting many manufacturing sites across the world, OTC Tools sets the pace in the manufacture and supply of some of the best and the latest servicing equipment and tools anywhere in the industry. These equipment and tools range from automotive fuel maintenance devices to vehicle diagnostic machines manufactured by an intelligent team and created with state-of-the-art technology. OTC Tools became a part of automotive aftermarket market giant, Bosch, in the Automotive Service Solutions Business Unit, in December 2012. And this has served to prove the star quality of this brand as well as its knack for excellence.

Here’s another excellent hydraulic bottle jack for you: the OTC Stinger 3 Ton Bottle Jack. The most profound quality about this bottle jack is probably its brute strength. This thing is built to be rugged and tough. You can easily tell that it will last years and years of use merely by looking at it.

Its base and cylinder are made of forged steel so you can see that the strength we talked about wasn’t a joke. Also, with the cylinder so professionally, carefully and deliberately forged, the manufacturers promise that there will be no leaks whatsoever from the jack, whether on delivery or after your first use.

Still, on durability, the piston pump and ram (and indeed the whole jack) is finished with chrome to ensure that the jack remains rust resistant whatever happens. So, you don’t need to be afraid to use your jack in the rain if need warrants, it will keep looking as good as new while serving you at its highest capacity as well.

With its in-line design, you will enjoy a much better ease of use with this unit. The design was specifically made to ensure that positioning and operating the jack is a lot more convenient and straightforward.

The accompanying handle with this unit is long so it makes lifting easier and more convenient. You don’t need to get under the vehicle to crank the jack. It is also made of a solid construction like the rest of the jack, so yeah, it will last.

Another reason we love this jack aside its obvious strength and durability is the fact that it is really small and lightweight. It increases storage options and makes carrying very easy especially since it comes with a carrying handle as well.

Check Pricing and Purchase this OTC Stinger 3 Ton Bottle Jack


  • This jack is of a solid forged steel construction so it is really strong and durable. Plus, there is little to no chance of experiencing a leak of the hydraulic oil
  • Chrome-finished piston pump and ram ensure that your jack remains rust-resistant for as long as possible also ultimately conferring durability as well
  • Its in-line design makes the jack a lot easier to use when positioning or operating the unit
  • It comes with a long handle to make lifting sweet and easy
  • It is small and lightweight so it’s easy to store and carry around too. Plus, it comes with a carrying handle


  • This is a short bottle jack. Even at its highest height, it still might not be high enough for some vehicles

3. Pro-Lift Hydraulic Bottle Jack

  • Manufacturer – Pro-Lift
  • Capacity – 4 tons
  • Lifting range – 7.5 to 14-9/16
  • Material – Steel
  • Color – Grey
  • Weight – 7.7 pounds
  • Dimensions approx. – 4.5 x 9.4 x 4.4 inches


The fantastic brand, ProLift, is into business for the purpose of improving lives with its quality products. A manufacturer of all kinds of lifting equipment ranging from jacks to forklifts, this brand has put in years of hard work to ensure that it keeps evolving to meet current trends in lifting needs. Making the effort to create tools that are functional and yet easy to use, ProLIft’s range of excellent products have received wide usage and positive reviews among millions of customers around the globe.

Looking for a terrific 4-ton bottle jack to add your garage? Something that does all you want in a jack and then some? Then you might want to see this: the Pro-Lift 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack. It’s a great hydraulic bottle jack for any kind of auto service, truck service, or even for use in your farm. So what’s in this jack for you?

First off, you get durability. To ensure that your jack lasts long and pays out every dollar you spent on it, the manufacturers took the initiative to make the stress areas of your jack heat treated. With this heat treatment, Pro-Lift confidently assures you of a long living, high performing jack.

The lifting saddle is made of steel, so it’s rugged regardless of what vehicle or machinery you are lifting. And it’s not just about strength when it comes to lifting and holding, it’s also about safety. This is why the saddle has been engineered in such a way as to ensure that whatever load is being lifted is securely held while you carry out your work.

To adjust the jack to your preferred height for work, there are extension screws fitted at the top. So, in other words, you call the shots with your jack.

In making a product of the highest possible quality for you, no half-measures can be taken and that’s why this jack is built to meet all the latest standards by the ANSI/PALD.

It’s a small bottle jack so it stores easily and its carrying handle makes it very easy to carry around as well.

And finally, what’s a great bottle jack if it isn’t easy to use. This kit is straightforward in operation and will ultimately save you useful time which you can apply to the more important job of running your checks or fixing your vehicle/machinery.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Pro-Lift Hydraulic Bottle Jack


  • It is tough in construction and, therefore, durable
  • The lifting saddle is also rugged and designed to ensure that loads are securely gripped while lifting
  • It comes with extension screws which help to adjust the load to a preferred height for your work
  • It is fitted with a by-pass system which keeps the ram from over-traveling
  • It’s very easy to use and therefore saves you useful time
  • It comes with a carrying handle for easy portability
  • Its lift handle is long and sturdy


  • Its small size is somewhat its flaw in that it demands that you only use the jack on a surface that is fairly level and flat else it could tip over

4. Tonda 6 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

  • Manufacturer – Tonda
  • Capacity – 6 tons
  • Lifting range – 7.6 inches to 14.6 inches
  • Material – Steel
  • Color – Silver
  • Weight – 10.16 pounds
  • Dimensions approx. – 10 x 11 x 14.8 inches


Tonda opened its doors many years back with a single vision to become the go-to brand for all things lifting among vehicle owners and mechanics around the world. Today, this brand, with its wide array of high-quality products, boasting other mechanical equipment in addition to lifting devices and machines, has fulfilled that dream. So many customers rely on Tonda when quality and durability are a must. A favorite among many customers, Tonda’s products are such as you’d love to add to your toolset.

And we are gaining momentum on our car bottle jack reviews today. From our number one spot you have met different bottle jacks of different capacities, and if none of them seem to be a perfect match for you, we’ve got 7 more, so relax.

This one of our number four spots is a 6-ton bottle jack and we are excited to show you what it is about…

We’ve already mentioned its 6-ton capacity, so you know that this jack is a beast at lifting. A 6-ton bottle jack should be able to lift about 12 000 pounds of load, and that means that almost anything in your garage or auto shop will easily be lifted by this guy — Emphasis on the “easily”.

It’s a hydraulic bottle jack, so we bet you already know all the benefits of getting one. Hydraulic bottle jacks are easy to use, require only little effort to lift, and often boast high lift ranges. These and more you’ll get from this bottle jack from Tonda.

With its superior construction, you can tell that this jack boasts great strength. And equally as important, you can tell that it is going to see you through different vehicles and still be standing tall, always at your service.

And to give you even more lifting ranges, the saddle of this jack comes with adjustable screws. The saddle is also designed to provide extra stability and support.

Still, on stability and support, the jack comes with a rugged base, wide enough to make the unit stable on any kind of surface at all, even on muddy surfaces too.

The critical stress points of this unit are well reinforced so they don’t give throughout your use of the jack. Plus, they also confer durability on the jack, allowing it perform superbly and for longer too.

Meeting all 2014 standards of the ANSI/ASME, this bottle jack is a great addition to your garage, shop, or farm.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Tonda 6 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack


  • It comes with a 6-ton capacity
  • It’s a hydraulic jack with a superior construction, giving the jack strength and durability
  • The saddle of the jack comes with adjustable screws and offers even more lifting ranges
  • With a rugged and wide base, the jack looks sturdy and easily stands firm on any kind of surface
  • Critical stress points have been reinforced for strength and durability
  • It has a small footprint, making storage and positioning easy


  • There were a few isolated complaints of the jack appearing cheap with poor finish quality, however, all seem to agree on one thing: it does what it promises

5. Torin Big Red Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

  • Manufacturer – Torin
  • Capacity – 20 tons
  • Lifting range – 10.25 inches to 20.25 inches
  • Material – Steel
  • Color – Red
  • Weight – 40 pounds
  • Dimensions approx. – 11.4 x 11 x 7.3 inches


Torin is the proud mother-brand of two equally thriving sub-brands: Big Red and Black Jack. From these two subsidiaries has come some of Torin’s best work when it comes to Jacks and lifting equipment. Torin stands out for its level of innovation and quality of craftsmanship.

So at our number five position, we have something slightly different from what we have been seeing in the last few bottle jacks we have reviewed. If you’re in the market particularly for something faster and more convenient than the traditional “pumping” bottle jack, then you’re probably looking for an air bottle jack. And it’s a good thing you stayed with us because we’ve got one of the best air bottle jacks in the industry right here on our reviews and that is none other than the Torin Big Red Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack.

What we have here is a really big guy. He’s a 20-ton bottle jack, so we’re talking crazy huge capacity. There are few things you can’t conveniently lift with this jack and without breaking a sweat too.

We love the engineering behind this amazing device and are truly impressed by it. This 20-ton air hydraulic bottle jack easily makes a statement with its genius engineering that makes it possible to operate pneumatically (hence the air bottle jack) or manually, if you’d prefer.

Pneumatically, this jack easily works with about any range of pressure at all. All you need is a working compressor that can supply a pressure of between 100psi and 175psi and you are good to go.

Aside from the engineering of the jack, its construction is solid steel so we are sure of one thing: this jack is strong and built to last!

Coming with this pneumatic bottle jack is, of course, the required air hose. The hose measures an ample 4 feet, making it very easy to swivel in whatever direction you desire. It also comes with its own fittings and power switch. Blessed convenience!

Again, for safety, you find that this comes with its own pneumatic tank which ensures that the jack still has pressure supplied to the hydraulics in case a leak develops under pressure. At the end, chances of your jack failing are tremendously reduced.

To prevent overloading, the manufacturers took the initiative to install a safety valve into the unit. This way, you protect your load and yourself. More importantly, you avoid overloading the jack (even though there are few things beyond the lifting power of this guy).

It, of course, comes with a handle; a sweet, two-piece handle for that matter. This will make pumping a whole lot easier which ultimately makes the job faster and saves you time to get the actual work for which the lift is needed to be done.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Torin Big Red Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack


  • It works both manually and pneumatically
  • It comes with a 20-ton capacity ideal for lifting and holding up to 40 000 pounds of load
  • It comes with a 4-foot air hose which swivels in any direction easily and comes with its own fittings and power switch
  • It has its small pneumatic tank, ensuring that you never run out of pressure which could cause the jack to fail, especially when there is a microscopic leak
  • Being a pneumatic bottle jack wit20-ton ton capacity, it will easily lift very heavy loads in a very short time too
  • It works pneumatically and manually so in times when you can’t access air, you can as well go the traditional route and pump. It’s not exciting but it beats having a jack that doesn’t work


  • This is one tall unit, so it would hardly fit under your normal car

6. Pro-Lift 12 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

  • Manufacturer – Pro-Lift
  • Capacity – 12 tons
  • Lifting range – 9.5 inches to 18-7/8 inches
  • Material – Steel
  • Color – Grey
  • Weight – 71 pounds
  • Dimensions approx. – 5.8 x 10.8 x 5.6 inches


The sole reason ProLift makes high-quality auto products is to, in one way or another, improve the quality of your life. Manufacturing different types of lifting equipment from heavy forklifts to simple jacks, the years of commitment and diligence put in by this company has afforded it the opportunity to think, create and evolve each time; taking steps to not only surpass current trends, but to go a step further by predicting them also.

We’ve already featured Pro-Lift before on our reviews today but because we only deal with the best brands here, we decided that we would rather feature this brand twice on our review than offer you a product from a substandard brand.

And the Pro-Lift bottle jack we’re reviewing right now is its 12-ton bottle jack complete with all the guarantee of awesome performance that we are used to from Pro Lift. Come and see!

Ideal for a wide range of use including shop, auto, farm, and truck service, the Pro-Lift 12 Ton Bottle Jack is just what you need to lift your vehicle, machinery, mobile home, and so on.

Because Pro-Lift places a premium on quality and durability, it manufactures this jack, ensuring that all its critical stress areas are carefully and professionally heat treated. “Why?” you might ask. This important procedure reinforces the strength of those areas and thereby allows the jack to deliver at its highest performance level. Plus, it also helps the jack to live long while giving you its best.

The lifting saddle is made of steel, so it isn’t something that would easily break down. Instead, it lasts and is even designed in such a way that it grabs a hold of the load in a very secure position, making your work environment a lot safer for you and all involved.

Also, the extension screw affords you the convenience and preciseness of adjusting the jack until you get the preferred work height that works for you per time.

To prevent the over-travel of the jack’s ram, the jack comes with a bypass system, built-in for that purpose.

And for convenience, this jack comes with an easy handle which makes lugging easy. It even occupies only a small footprint so your storage options are wide and varied.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Pro-Lift 12 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack


  • It comes with a 12-ton capacity ideal for working in shops, farms, auto, and truck services
  • It boasts a solid construction and is definitely built to last
  • All critical stress areas are heat treated also to ensure that the jack lasts and holds up under the lifted load
  • Made of steel, the lifting saddle is tough enough to support your load, plus, it is designed to also hold on to the load in a secure position
  • With the extension screw, you can adjust the jack till you get a working height that’s just right for you
  • Its built-in bypass system ensures that the ram does not over-travel at any point
  • It comes with a carrying handle and takes up only a little storage space because of its small footprint


  • You might have to replace the handle as it is not long enough to be used without actually going under your vehicle. And as you know, that’s not safe

7. Torin Big Red 2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

  • Manufacturer – Torin
  • Capacity – 2 tons
  • Lifting range – 7.09 inches to 13.39 inches
  • Material – Steel
  • Color – Red
  • Weight – 7 pounds
  • Dimensions approx. – 13 x 9 x 9 inches


Torin supplies its customers with its authentic, high-quality jacks under two main product lines: Big Red and Black Jack. These jacks (as well as other products such as auto repair kits, tool organization kits, and the likes) are highly demanded work tools by professionals world over who have come to depend on Torin for strong and durable tools that make the job faster and easier.

Not everyone always wants to lift a monster truck. Sometimes, we just want to lift something slightly lighter. Problem is, we can’t do so with our bare, human hands, ergo the need for lighter capacity jacks. And we’ve got one of the best right here: the Torin Big Red 2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack. If you know anything about auto devices, then you know that one of the best places to begin your search for the best bottle jack is definitely Torin. With this backdrop, we’re sure you’re ready to be impressed as you’d soon be. Stay with us.

According to Torin, this 2-ton bottle jack was designed to be used both residentially and commercially. So, it’s simple and straightforward enough to be used in your home garage, and it’s also tough enough to be used in your shop.

The welding of this unit is of superior quality, easily one of the best you would find. The construction is drop forged alloyed steel; and with this construction, the jack gives you brute strength and durability too. So, altogether you get a rugged, durable jack as you would expect from Torin.

The pressure pump with this jack comes with a superb glide action. This helps make lifting easy with very little physical effort on your part.

To keep your hydraulic system within travel limits, the jack comes with an overload valve as well as a built-in oil bypass system. These two work together to ensure that the travel limits of your hydraulic system are respected.

Lubricated by superior-grade oil, the hydraulic system will be better protected against corrosion. And even in fluctuating temperatures, this feature makes your jack flexible enough to still be fully operational between 40 degrees and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

And finally, although this bottle jack is indeed lightweight, it is still the jack you want when you need to lift heavy-duty machinery.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Torin Big Red 2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack


  • It comes with superior drop forged alloyed steel construction for strength and durability
  • Its pressure pump boasts a superb glide action which makes lifting easy and with only little muscle effort on your part
  • With its overload valve and a built-in bypass system, the hydraulic system of your jack will be protected from extending beyond its travel limits
  • This unit comes with high-grade oil which lubricates the jack and protects it from corrosion. It is also responsible for ensuring that your jack remains fully functional in a wide range of temperatures


  • It can be a chore to bring down this jack as it will leak excess oil if opened too much and it will hardly go down if not opened enough

8. Alltrade Powerbuilt 12-Ton Bottle Jack

  • Manufacturer – Alltrade
  • Capacity – 12 tons
  • Lifting range – 7.09 inches to 13.39 inches
  • Material – Cast iron base, forged steel saddle
  • Color – Red
  • Weight – 13.95 pounds
  • Dimensions approx. – 5.9 x 5.8 x 9.2 inches


Alltrade Tools opened shop way back in 1979 in a small space but with a big idea. Today, that same brand now registers a gigantic presence in every single continent on the planet with giant market shares in all. But this brand did not get here by sudden flight. History shows that it has been a never-ending culture of innovation and passion to get Alltrade Tools to where it is today. With products that are high in quality but very competitive in pricing, tools from Alltrade have gained wide acceptance across the world even to the point of being a favorite for many.

And we have another amazing bottle jack from Alltrade again on our reviews today. This time around, it’s a 12-ton bottle jack. So, if you’ve got some 24 000 pound load to lift, here’s the Alltrade Powerbuilt 12 Ton Bottle Jack at your service. And it’s got all it takes too.

One, this jack is one strong dude. Its saddle is made of forged steel and its base of cast iron. A forged steel and cast iron combo? Few things beat that for strength, we can tell you for free. Being made of these materials, you can be sure that this jack will deliver on the job and will stick around for a very long time doing just that as well.

Something else about the base you ought to know is that it is strong and solid and wide. This is necessary to give the jack some form of stability on any kind of surface while you work. And this jack will stay stable on its foot whatever the surface, even, uneven, flat or muddy.

With the extension screw on the lift saddle, you get more out of your lift height. You can easily adjust the height of your jack to provide you with the work height you need to get your work done. What better way to be in control?!

To make operation even easier, the release valve of the jack is designed in a pin style. Now working with this already easy-to-use unit can be a lot more convenient.

Love the quality and feature of this jack but need a different capacity? Alltrade also carries 8-ton bottle jacks, as well as 30-ton bottle jacks too.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Alltrade Powerbuilt 12-Ton Bottle Jack


  • It is made of forged steel and cast iron which assures you of the jack’s strength and durability
  • Its base is wide and solid to ensure that your jack is stable on any kind of surface while it supports the load
  • The extension screw on the saddle allows you to adjust the jack to give that preferred work height that works for you
  • Although pretty easy to use, the release valve of this jack is designed in a pin style to make operation even easier


  • It appears that Alltrade did a shabby work of the paint job of this jack. The entire unit is spray painted “to a fault” so, you might have to get past the thick wall of paint first before you can turn the bleed valve

9. 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

  • Manufacturer – Not specified (sold by ihubdeal)
  • Capacity – 20 tons
  • Lifting range – 10.25 inches to 20 inches
  • Material – steel
  • Color – Red
  • Weight – 33 pounds
  • Dimensions approx. – 12 x 12 x 12 inches


Ihubdeal is a major online distributor of all kinds of products; ranging from home utility products to mechanical tools as well as other such products. Opening its stores several years back, this brand has continuously sourced from the best manufacturing companies with products that will be useful to customers. Stocking its stores with these high quality, high-end products, it is no surprise that many customers have found this store a one-stop place for almost all their needs. Ihubdeal prides itself on its guarantee to always offer you the best high-end products at the most affordable prices. And to top it off, its customer service is one of a kind. Truly a service fit for kings.

Some argue that the best bottle jacks are those that come with a pneumatic operation. Let’s face it. Anything that makes the job faster and only requires little effort is definitely a welcome proposition. We have brought a pneumatic bottle jack before, but here’s another one also at an affordable price: the 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack. You can make your comparisons and decide on the best one for you. However, you can rest assured that whichever you settle for, you are with a fantastic bottle jack that will give you value for your money.

The 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack comes with a solid steel construction giving this bottle jack all the strength it needs to lift almost anything in your garage or auto shop. From your heavy trucks to your mobile homes, to your heavy-duty farm machinery, this 20-ton bottle jack has been built to conveniently lift and hold the load without stress.

Thankfully, this is a pneumatic unit which cuts down the amount of time spent lifting by a ton! By simply supplying air, you can now observe with ease as your jack does the heavy work of lifting your load to whatever height you desire.

But hey, things happen and you might not always have access to air. Plus, you know, that in the cold, using an air hydraulic bottle jack can be somewhat impossible. It’s a good thing, therefore, that this unit operates both manually and as a pneumatic jack.

Even manually, it does not demand so much physical effort to get the jack pumped and lifting either!

The attached rubber hose measures up to 48 inches; that is 4 feet. So, it gives enough room to swivel around conveniently.

Check Pricing and Purchase this 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack


  • It is made of a superior steel construction and boasts great strength and durability
  • Being a pneumatic bottle jack, lifting definitely will be easier, faster and more convenient
  • It can work both as a pneumatic bottle jack and as a manual jack
  • As a manual jack, the device also works efficiently requiring only very little physical effort on your part
  • Its accompanying air hose measures up to 4 feet so it has more room to swivel around


  • For an air hydraulic bottle jack, this unit appears to lift more slowly than most customers would have preferred

10. LiftMaster 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

  • Manufacturer – LiftMaster
  • Capacity – 4 tons
  • Lifting range – 7.68 inches to 12.6 inches
  • Material – Steel
  • Color – Grey
  • Weight – 7.25 pounds
  • Dimensions approx. – 4.8 x 4.1 x 8.3 inches


Liftmaster is a family-owned and family-run business. It was founded in 1985 and since then has been in the business of employing only the smartest and most creative hands in order to create products that customers would always find useful. At first, this brand only had a few selected distributors selling its products in different locations but as it stands right now, there are several hundreds of distributors today distributing Liftmaster’s products in different parts of the world! A huge part of the reason for this is the indefatigable commitment to work by its excellent staff, superior quality of its different products, as well as the favorable prices of each product. Liftmaster sure gives its competition a run for their money.

So far, we have brought to you 9 of the best bottle jacks in the industry and we are about to round it off nicely with yet another amazing unit, this time, a 4-ton bottle jack from LiftMaster. The LiftMaster 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a great way to end this review with all its amazing features and you’re going to be impressed by this jack the way we were.

When getting any device, mechanical or not, you want to be sure that the device is built to serve its purpose and not just that, you also want to be confident that it will last longer. So, naturally, high performance and durability are two qualities you cannot overlook. And these two qualities are aspects the LiftMaster 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack shines brilliantly in.

With its body constructed of high-grade steel, this jack boasts a rugged construction, able to lift load easily and able to stand years of use, however rough.

The next thing you want to know about your jack is if it demands so much effort on your part to get the load lifted. Some jacks are so demanding, you’d be much better off if you just went under the load and lifted it yourself with your own hands. But with this jack, that narrative is, thankfully, avoided. It comes with a pressure pump that features a really smooth action. This makes lifting loads easy and convenient without so much muscle effort from you. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Its extendable screw heads also help you with the adjustment of the jack. Your preferred work height is now a few easy adjustments away. This jack puts the control in your hands and allows you to adjust the load to any height you desire so you can get your job done on your own terms.

Its accompanying handle is also long enough to make usage fairly good.

Check Pricing and Purchase this LiftMaster 4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack


  • It is made of steel construction which gives the jack strength and durability
  • Its pump comes with a really smooth action, so with little effort on your part, you can easily jack up whatever load you need to lift very nicely and easily
  • It comes with extendable screw heads also. These screw heads are very helpful in adjusting the load until your preferred work height is reached
  • The handle works just great and gets the jack-up quickly and easily


  • You need to be careful with this jack and probably add support while using it. It has been reported by a few customers that, although it jacks up pretty well, it does tend to go down again of its own accord after a while


So, now you have all that you need to get the best bottle jack in the market. You have a thoroughly prepared guide, and you have a review of the top ten best bottle jacks currently selling right now. Those vehicles and machinery sitting around your farm and garage won’t lift themselves. Order any of these guys now and get a lifting!

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