• Manufacturer – Black Bull
  • Maximum lifting capacity – 2 ton (4000 lb)
  • Material – Steel
  • Lifting range – 8-10 feet (2.5-3 m)
  • Chain diameter – 0.25 inches (0.64 cm)
  • Weight – 23 lb (10.5 kg)
  • Dimensions approx. – 9.5×7.8×6.8 inches (24x20x17 cm)

Check Pricing and Purchase this Black Bull CHOI2 chain hoist


Black Bull CHOI2 is a heavy duty chain hoist with a capacity up to 2 tons (4000 lb). It is one of the top chain hoists on the market. Popularity and good customer feedbacks are obvious results because Black Bull offers this great tool for lifting very heavy objects. The price of this chain hoist is approximately 50 dollars which is a very reasonable price for a chain hoist with this lifting capacity. It has been available for 6 years and it has gained customer trust with strong and durable construction for lifting. 0.25 inch (0.64 cm) hardened steel chain and mechanical lead brake makes lifting much easier. This Black Bull CHOI2 chain hoist is perfect for using in the garage, shop or even farm to repair engines, tractors or lift shop objects. Securely hook the chain to the ceiling and you will be able to lift almost everything. This chain hoist is made in China what explains the low price, but it shouldn’t be a problem. We noticed that the chain gets stuck if you pull it too fast or the load is heavier than capacity. This can be solved by oiling the lifting mechanism gears.

Size and weight

CHOI2 chain hoist has a 0.25 inches (0.64 cm) wide chain and 8 feet (2.5 m) lifting range. The lifting mechanism and usage of this chain hoist is similar to most of chain hoists. After hooking on to the load you have to pull the chain slowly. It will make the lifting mechanism work and the load will start to lift. Pretty basic operation but it takes a bit time. The mechanical lead brake allows to hang objects in air. At the top of the chain hoist mechanism there is a hook that is meant for mounting it to ceiling. Second hook at the end of chain is meant to hook objects on it so they can be lifted. All together it weights 23 pounds (10.5 kg) and the dimensions of this chain hoist are 9.5×7.8×6.8 inches (24x20x17 cm). These size and weight specifications are medium if you compare with other manufacturer chain hoists.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Black Bull CHOI2 chain hoist


  • Cheap price for 2 ton chain hoist
  • Universal use
  • Perfect for lifting heavy loads
  • Good recognition between customers


  • Gets stuck very often
  • Some chain links may not be welded
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