• Distributor – Black Bull
  • Capacity – 1/2 ton (1000 lb)
  • Wheel count – 4 casters
  • Material – heavy duty steel
  • Weight – 12.8 lb ( 5.8 kg)
  • Dimensions approx. – 34x8x7.5 inches (86x20x19cm)
  • Head – 360 rotatable
  • Adjustable mounting arms – Yes


Black Bull ES4W engine stand

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If you are looking for a solid engine stand that can bare 1000 pound engines and is suited to hold almost all types of engines thanks to its adjustable mounting arms then this Black Bull engine stand might be right up your alley. It is not only sturdy and firm in the way it holds the engines but it also is cheap enough so that anyone with the need of an engine stand can afford it. Not to mention the manufacturer of this stand is a trusted equipment producer for mechanics and those who like working on cars in their free time.


This Black Bull engine stand is made from heavy duty tubular steel that is painted in neutral black color. Because of this material it is able to withstand weight that is up to ½ ton or 1000 pounds letting you hold most V8 type engine blocks on it while you are repairing the engine itself or the car.
The design of this engine also prevents even the heavies engines from tipping forward and making it harder for you to work with them because the stand is naturally made so that it is leaning back allowing room for the weight of the engine to put a load on the stand, weighting it down, settling it and keeping it straight.

Mounting plate and arms

Because of the adjustable mounting fingers of this engine stand you will be able to mount most engines from US to import ones to them making sure that you can use this engine stand anytime you need to. And the bright orange mounting plate of this engine stand can be rotated 360 degrees with the help of a handle located behind the plate as well as it can be locked in 6 different positions using a locking pin so you can easily hold the engine at an angle that you need to access it easier.

Legs and wheels

Since this is a ½ ton engine stand it is equipped with regular one leg stand that is extended into letter ”H” type shape to provide stability as well as durability of the stand. Under each of the leg extensions there are one caster equipped with solid cast iron wheels that will allow you to easily move even an engine stand with 1000 pound engine on it. And because the two front wheels of the stand are able to swivel in 360 degree angle it makes even easier to position or to steer the stand into the direction you need.

Size and weight

The size of this ½ ton engine stand is 34x8x7.5 inches (86x20x19cm) and it weighs 12.8 lbs (5.8 kg) providing stability of the stand while being compact enough to be stored away when not needed.


  • Can hold most V8 engines with many different mountings thanks to the adjustable mounting pins
  • Mounting plate rotates in 360 degree angle as well as locks in 6 different positions so the stand is easy to work with and easily adjusted how you need it
  • The one main leg and four casters of the engine stand provide stability and durability of it
  • The two front wheels can swivel 360 degrees making it easy to steer the engine sting in the direction you need it to go


  • The stand can only hold an engine that is up to ½ or 1000 pounds.
  • Its shorter than some similar engine stands providing compactness but some might find this feature as a disadvantage that makes it harder to work with this stand
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