• Manufacturer – Boston Industrial
  • Maximum lifting capacity – 1 ton (2000 lb)
  • Material – Hardened steel
  • Lifting range – 8 feet (2.5 m)
  • Weight – 15.6 lb (7.8 kg)
  • Dimensions approx. – 10.2×7.4×7.1 inches (26x19x18 cm)

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One of the most popular chain hoists on the market for almost 9 years. It is perfect for lifting objects that weight up to 1 ton (2000 lbs). Vehicle engines, household items, carpentry wood and much more can be lifted with this Boston Industrial chain hoist. High quality of this chain hoist is the reason why this product is one of the most sold between all small-load chain hoists. It is very easy to mount and does it’s job well. The movement of hoist is smooth, even better than expected. Only you have to make sure that chain is straight and it must be pulled slowly because else it may get stuck or fall out of groove. Do not lift heavy loads that weight more than 1 ton (2000 lb) because it may damage chain and do other ravage for load or ground below lifted object. The lifting mechanism brake provides safe and easy operations. The hoist came in a very poor and damaged packaging. Maybe it was postal service fault, but other customers have also faced this problem. Besides this little problem the chain hoist was fine and it worked well. The price of this Boston Industrial 1 ton (2000 lb) chain hoist is very low. Most of 1 ton (2000 lb) chain hoists are worth around 50+ dollars while this one costs 40 dollars and offers the same quality and heavy object lifting experience.

Size and weight

The approx. dimensions of this chain hoist are 10.2×7.4×7.1 inches (26x19x18 cm). Size is bigger than most 1 ton (2000 lb) capacity hoists, but size isn’t a big factor because it is just few inches bigger than other products. It weights 15.6 pounds (7.8 kg). Durable hardened steel construction is not as heavy so there aren’t any problems with hoist transportation or mounting. The chain has an 8 foot (2.5 m) lift which is perfect height for lifting out engine, but it is mainly used in farms, shops or house garages to lift other heavy objects that doesn’t weight more than 1 ton (2000 lb). Usage of Boston Industrial 1 ton chain hoist is very easy, find a good place to mount the hoist and after hooking up the object the chains must be pulled slowly and they also need to be straight, so the lifting mechanism does not get stuck when lifting loads.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Boston Industrial chain hoist


  • Low price
  • Great durability
  • One of best selling 1 ton chain hoists on the market


  • Very poor packaging
  • Chains get stuck or need to be pulled with bigger force to work again
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