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Car safety is important for anybody not without a reason there are laws, which dictate that the use of seat-belts in cars is mandatory. But the safety of children while traveling by car is even more important, because children usually are the least protected by the cars features in case of an accident as well as are the most fragile in terms of injuries. Thankfully car manufacturers think more and more not only about the safety of the driver, but also about safety of passengers. But still a car itself cannot ensure 100% percent safety which is why parents themselves need to think about steps that they can take to make car rides as safe as possible for their children.

Different tests have shown that child safety seats if used correctly limit the risk of death or even injury by more than 70 percent, so I think that that is a reason enough to start using car seats for your children and learn to use them properly. To do that you need to remember a couple of things:

  • First is to make sure that the car seat you have is meant for the age as well as weight and height of your child. Many parents think that it is nothing to put your child in a seat that is too small for him or way too big for his measurements, but what they don’t realize is that by doing this they jeopardize the safety of their kids. So use car seats that are just right for your kids to maximize their safety.
  • A common mistake parents make is that they let their kids ride in the front seat, even if they are in their car seat. But parents need to remember that children and their safety seats are meant for the back seat, and in case of an accident the air bag of the front passenger seat can actually do more damage than good. So do not let you children sit in the passenger seat until they turn at least 12 years old.
  • A good way how to know if you have installed the car seat properly is to test it. Just give it a good shake at the base of the seat as see how much you are able to move it. If you can move it less than an inch in any direction then the car seat is installed properly however if it moves more than an inch then that is a safety hazard for your child and you need to secure the seat better.
  • And lastly you should also test the harness of the seat when you buckle your kid into it. Check not only if the straps are coming from the right slots, but also the tightness of the strap that comes across the child’s chest. If cannot pinch any excess fabric of the harness after you buckle it then it is tight enough to ensure the safety of your child.

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Another thing you can do to ensure child safety in the car besides using a car safety seat, is to supervise kids during the commute. Not only look to make sure that any children aren’t playing near your car before starting to drive, but also make sure to keep an eye on your kids that are in the car with you. Lock all the buttons near where your kid is sitting to limit the possibility of the child accidentally opening the door or the window and harming himself that way. Also make sure that the car isn’t too hot or too cold that can lead to health problems. And never leave your child alone in the car. The temperature in the car can rise 20 degrees Fahrenheit in the first 10 minutes of the car being locked, so even if you leave your child in the car for a few minutes, especially if it is on a hot summer day, your child can suffer heatstroke or other injuries.

And lastly to tech your kids car safety make sure you yourself abide a few simple car safety rules, like buckling your seatbelt before starting to drive and not talking on the phone or texting while driving. This is important, because children often learn their habits from their parents, and if you show good car safety habits then your children, too, will most likely develop them for themselves and implement them when they become old enough to drive a car.

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