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Figuring out how to arrange a floor jack storage dilemma is always tricky and it can take quite a bit of research and considerations since even among similar floor jack models there are an awful lot of minor differences. The internet is flooded with tips and recommendations for how to store different floor jack models but especially after you start deeper and deeper in the various motor forums that have discussed the subject, you’ll find a lot of contradicting opinions, all sounding equally valid.

So, what is our main suggestion? It’s really simple, actually – read the manual of your floor jack carefully as it must include a set of instructions for its safe storage. If you have questions about what’s written in the manual, if you don’t understand something, or if it sounds contradictory – phone the manufacturer or the professional service they’ve listed as a contact and ask them directly. Not only are these the people that will be able to give you the best advice for your particular model but even if you still need another’s opinion, you’ll have more info to share.

Still, even with all floor jacks being similar yet slightly different from one another in some aspects, there should be some basic principles, tips, and ideas we could give you, right? Here are our suggestions:

Floor jack storage ideas and tips

  1. Always make sure to release all the pressure in the jack cylinder before storing it. This will achieve a couple of things – 1) it will remove the stress on the system and 2) it will save you time for when you next need the jack. Yes, floor jacks are meant to handle a lot of pressure so the pressure doesn’t like a big problem, however, the jack will likely spend a lot of time in storage so that’s a long time of constant low pressure which has its effects.
  2. Consider separating the handle from the jack and storing the two parts separately. A lot of floor jacks come with quick-release handles but some have bolts. If it’s possible and comfortable, releasing the handles from the jack can help reduce the overall storage space. The main special problem with storing floor jacks is that their L-shape is uncomfortable to fit in most places.
  3. Try fitting the floor jacks under a shelving unit with the handles kept in a vertical position via a bungee cord or something similar. This can almost entirely negate the special problem as neither the jack itself nor its handle will really take any extra space in your garage.
  4. Pay very close attention to the user manual and especially whether the jack is meant to be stored vertically or horizontally. Some jacks are meant to be stored vertically which his often great as that can help you save even more space in your garage. On the other hand, others definitely shouldn’t be stored this way as this can compromise their construction – it can lead to too much pressure on the seals or the risk of allowing air into the valves. Simply put, the hydraulics of a floor jack can be a bit complicated so you’ll need to be certain that everything is as it should be. Even if your particular floor jack can be stored vertically, however, this type of storage is also risky as it should be done very securely – you must be certain that whatever hook the jack is on is going to hold it. Especially if you have kids running around your garage, a vertical floor jack can be outright hazardous. Those differences between the different floor jack models out there are one of the main reasons why there’s a lot of contradictory information about floor jack storage online – different people have used different models and therefore – they give different recommendations.
  5. Store the jack in a place and a position where you’ll be able to access it safely and easily. Floor jacks are heavy things with a lot of them easily going over 100 lbs. So, unless you want to give yourself a hernia when you take the jack or put it back into storage, it’s smart to place it in such a way that you can access it easily.

Bottle jack storage ideas and tips

Fortunately, bottle jacks are much lighter and smaller than floor jacks so their storage is typically much less of an issue. Unlike the much bigger and heavier floor jacks, bottle jacks can easily and comfortably be stored in the back of a vehicle too. All you need to do is that they are stored as per their instructions and that they are safe from any hits and from moving around. The biggest mistake most people make when they store a jack in their car’s trunk is leaving it free to move around or just securing it slightly between a couple of other items. This can be disastrous for a hydraulics jack like a bottle jack as it can get any of its systems out of whack and render it either unusable or outright risky to use.

Mechanical car jack storage ideas and tips

Unlike the two main types of hydraulic jacks, mechanical car jacks such as the standard scissor jack are much easier to store. They are lighter and much less likely to cause an accident, they are smaller and easier to place anywhere you want, and there are also less tricky components in them that can get out of whack with improper storing.

Still, even with a simple scissor jack you still need to make sure that it’s properly stored and maintained. If you’ve left it to roll freely in the back of your car, it can easily get damaged too. So, just find a way to secure it in a sturdy manner so that it stays in place in your car’s trunk at all times.

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