• Manufacturer – Generic
  • Capacity – 1 ton (2000 lb)
  • Wheel count – 6 casters
  • Material – Steel
  • Foldable – Yes
  • Dimensions (working) approx. – 44x31x41.25 inches (111x79x105 cm)
  • Head – 360 rotatable
  • Adjustable mounting arms – Yes

Check Pricing and Purchase this Generic engine stand


Generic offers a heavy duty foldable engine stand with capacity up to 1 ton (2000 lb). You can build or repair a variety of engines because of adjustable mounting arms and 360 degree rotating mounting head. The base of engine stand is wide so it can support heavy weights but it may come as disadvantage when trying to fit it between legs of an engine hoist.


Construction is made out of heavy gauge mechanical tubing that prevents unexpected bending of the frame. The engine stand is designed to be very stable that’s why it has 6 casters and 2 foldable legs. Legs can be folded up for easier storage and base casters provide transporting while stand is not in use. To fold up legs of the engine stand you just need to unlock 2 bolts and lock them back when the legs are folded. On the base stand has 2 support plates which are meant to help prevent bending and give more stability.

Mounting plate and arms

Fully adjustable mounting head for this Generic 1 ton (2000 lb) engine stand secures rear of the engine to the stand. 360 degree rotating head allows to easy rotate the engine and access every part of it. The rotation is done with 20 inch sliding handle. There are 4 mounting arms and they also can be adjusted for any kind of engines.

Legs and wheels

Engine stand has two base tubes and two foldable legs. The legs are 44 inches (111 cm) long but you can fold 35.5 inches (90 cm) of them. There are total 6 casters placed on sides of the base tube, at the far end of legs and in the middle for weight support. All of them are swivel casters and they can’t be locked. That may cause some problems if the ground is not flat or engine needs to be in a static position while working. When the legs are folded up engine stand is easy to transport and store because of the 4 rear and middle casters.

Size and weight

This Generic engine stand is pretty wide because it is made for supporting heavy engines. It may become a problem if it needs to fit between legs of engine hoist, but there are engine hoists with leg spread to match this engine stand. Working position dimensions of this engine stand are 44x31x41.25 inches (111x79x105 cm).

Check Pricing and Purchase this Generic engine stand


  • Reasonable price for heavy duty engine stand
  • High durability
  • Adjustable and 360 degree rotating mounting head
  • Good maneuverability with 6 casters


  • Non-lockable casters
  • Big size (may not fit between some engine hoists)
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