Renting a car is so much more convenient than having to call a taxi or an Uber whenever you want to go somewhere when you are traveling or on vacation. However, because there are so man different car rental companies to chose from, it often is hard to figure out which one you should use to rent your car. That is why I decided to gather a list of tips that will help you choose the best car rental place and that will let you have the best rental car possible.

1. Chose a rental place where they let you chose

One of the first things that you should look for in a car rental place is weather they let their clients pick their own cars. There are so many car rental places out there that don’t let you pick your rental, and the employee who is servicing you will chose the car you get, which is not at all ideal, since this way you can end up with very bad rental car just because the employee was in a bad mood or didn’t like you. So make sure that the car rental you will be using lets you chose your car or at leas gives you some car options to chose from, since this way at least you will have some options to choose from.

2. Check out the car rental places beforehand

Another thing you can do is you can check out the car rental places before hand. Check out their website, call them and ask for more information or consult with your friends that have used this rental place. This way you will be sure that the place is not only good, but also offer good deals and that they have good customer service, which is very important, especially when we talk about a place where you will directly have to be in contact with their employees.

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3. See if the company doesn’t offer special deals

There are some car rental companies that offer special deals and discounts for either holidays or special occasions or if you are renting more than one car or renting it for longer time period. So if that is your case then check with the car rental companies you are looking into if they aren’t willing to offer you a deal. Sometimes it helps if you call the company, mention that one of their competitors offered a great deal and ask if they are willing to match it. Car rental business is as brutal of a industry as any other, so the smaller firms frequently are willing to offer you a better deal.

4. Pay attention to details

And lastly when you are choosing a car rental place, pay close attention to the details of their offers. Look into if the collision and loss damage insurance are included into the deal or if you will have to buy it separately, adding to the price of your rental car. Also check if the deal includes prepaid gas, as not always the prepaid gas option is the best one. Of course if you know that you will be in a hurry when you bring back the car or that you will go though the entire tank of gas then go ahead and take the prepaid gas, but otherwise it might save you money refilling the tank before giving the car back yourself.

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