• Manufacturer – Ironton
  • Capacity – 1/2 ton (1000 lb)
  • Wheel count – 4 casters
  • Material – High grade steel
  • Foldable – No
  • Weight – 49 lb (22 kg)
  • Dimensions approx. – 37x31x35 inches (94x79x89 cm)
  • Head – 360 rotatable
  • Adjustable mounting arms – Yes

Check Pricing and Purchase this Ironton engine stand


This engine stand is manufactured by a company called Ironton and sold by Northern Tools. Ironton company makes different power tools, as well as tools for automotive use. This engine stand can hold engine blocks with weight up to ½ ton (1000 lb), so you can use it to store most v4 and v6 engine blocks. Ironton products have got a high quality and great price, which makes them attractive to many customers. This engine stand costs just below 80 dollars, which is a great price for a ½ ton (1000 lb) engine stand. The tool is tested to meet safety standards and is backed up with a 1 year limited warranty.


Engine stand is made from a durable, high grade steel tubes and is painted in a black color. The construction of this engine stand is durable and stable at the same time and sits on 4 casters. We have a good experience with Ironton engine hoists, which had a great build quality for the price and this engine stand is no exception of their quality standards. The welds of this product look good, the tools has got a quality paint job and it is painted with a dirt resistant paint, which makes it a lot more easier to clean from dirt and oils and prevents the stand from rust. Engine stand comes dismounted and you will need to assemble it, which is pretty easy to do. Ironton engine stand is not foldable, but it can be quickly dismounted if you want to store or transport the stand.

Mounting plate and arms

The engine stand comes with a standard mounting head with 4 adjustable mounting arms to fit different engine blocks. You will need to purchase engine mounting screws separately for various types of engines. The mounting head can be rotated 360 degrees around, similar as seen on other engine blocks, and the mounting head can be locked into position quickly with a locking pin. The mounting head has got a total of 8 positions, so you can access the engine block from various angles. At the back of the mounting head is a metal bar with rubber grips that is used to rotate the head with an engine block.

Legs and wheels

The engine stand has got a single leg with 4 ball bearing wheels. On the front there are 2 swivel casters that can be rotated 360 degrees and on the back this stand has 2 regular casters that can be moved only to front and back. Casters are durable and roll pretty easily, however, because the stand has got only 2 swivel casters, it does not provide the best maneuverability, especially if you need to turn the engine stand around. There also isn’t a locking mechanism on the wheels or support legs that would prevent the stand from moving around, which is important when storing an engine on the stand or making repairs to an engine.

Size and weight

The size of Ironton 1000 lb engine stand is apporx. 37x31x35 inches (94x79x89 cm) and the weight of the unit is 49 lb (22 kg).

Check Pricing and Purchase this Ironton engine stand


  • Affordable price for a ½ ton (1000 lb) engine stand
  • High quality steel parts and paint job
  • Durable and stable design won’t have any problems holding most v4 and v6 engine blocks


  • Wheels do not have a locking mechanism
  • Only 2 swivel casters limits the maneuverability of the stand, when compared to stands with 4 swivel casters
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