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Warm and sunny weather is not the only thing we can look forward to this summer, because taking road trips and journeys to unknown places has become one of favorite summer past times for many. But before you take that road trip across the country or drive to that beach town that is 4 hours away from where you live, make sure that your car is ready for it.

It is easy to remember to pack all the necessities for your trip and remind your friends or family to do the same, but before you go on the road you should also make sure that your car is up for the drive, because the fact that it runs fine when you commute to work and back doesn’t mean that the car will keep running smoothly once you take a longer journey.

First on the checklist is to check the parts of the car that usually are overlooked the most. Make sure you not only check the tires and the tire pressure, so you don’t end up with a flat tire halfway through your trip, but also go over the breaks, hoses and belts and even air filters, window wipers and all the lights, so you know that your car performs to the best of its ability. After that you should also give once over to the overall exterior and interior of your car, so you can move to next stage of making your car road trip ready.

Next thing you absolutely cannot forget to check are the fluid levels. Different fluids like engine oil, windshield washer solvent and coolant are essential to the way your car runs, because if it doesn’t have the proper fluids, different problems can arise. Also you should think about having an extra bottle of liquids in your car during the trip, so in case something happens and there isn’t any gas stations around, you can just refill the liquids and continue your journey.

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What to do if something doesn’t checks out during your pre-trip inspection? All you can do is get your car to the shop and get it repaired, because, trust me, better to delay your road trip for a couple of days and have your car in perfect condition when you actually start the trip, then to break down somewhere miles away from home or closest decent auto shop and having to do costly repairs.

On top of that I would recommend to restock your roadside emergency kit, so everything from a blanket, flashlight and the first aid kit to the tire-changing jack and jumper cables is with you during your trips, so if something happen, you are prepared for it and you don’t get stranded somewhere just because your tire-changing jack took up too much space in your trunk and you decided to take it out. And write a few of your most essential phone numbers on a piece of paper and stick it in the glove compartment, so in case of emergency or in case the battery of your phone dies, you are prepared for that, too.

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