• Distributor – Larin Corporation
  • Maximum lifting capacity – 2 ton (4000 lb)
  • Wheel count – 6 casters
  • Material – High tensile steel
  • Hydraulic jack capacity – 8 tons (16000 lb)
  • Foldable – Yes
  • Adjustable boom positions – 4 positions:
    1. 2 ton (4000 lb);
    2. 1.5 ton (3000 lb);
    3. 1 ton (2000 lb);
    4. 0.5 ton (1000 lb).
  • Extendable legs – Yes
  • Dimensions (unfolded) approx. – 60.4×36.3×48.8 inches (153.6×92.3×124 cm)
  • Weight – 190 lb (86 kg)
  • Dimensions (folded) approx. – 24.4×24.6×60.1 (62×62.5×152.7 cm)

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Larin Corporation specializes in distribution of different lifting equipment for cars, motorcycles, ATVs, boats and similar products. Their product range is quite large, from simple floor jacks to large hoists and lifters than can lift few ton heavy loads. The company has got more than 20 year experience in lifting equipment distribution.


Larin EH-2FB

Larin EH-2FB engine hoist can lift up to 2 ton (4000 lb) heavy loads. You can use it for lifting such objects as engines, transmissions or other parts of a car, motorcycle or other transports that need to be repaired. Engine hoist is also foldable, which is great for areas with limited space like garages and will be especially useful for hobbyists that don’t use hoist often, so it can be folded and left aside while not being used.


The frame of the hoist as well as other metal parts are made of a high tensile steel, which can handle very high loads. The whole construction of the hoist feels durable and quality, which is not that common for hoists with high lifting capacities at such low price range (about 200 dollars). The frame also has two support plates on the side of the hoist for extra toughness if the tool is used for lifting loads close to its limit. Larin EH-2FB hoist is made with low profile, so it is easier to slide it under lower cars and cars that how longer fronts and engine is located further from the front of the car. Low profile design not only allows to use the hoist on lower cars but also grants more stability for the unit. There is also a handle for easier movement of the hoist mounted on the back of the frame. This may seem like a small feature for the hoist, but actually majority of hoist do not have such a handle.


Larin engine lifter is equipped with a hydraulic jack with 8 ton capacity. The hoist works well and lifts loads in a decent pace. The jack operates in the same principle as jacks of other engine lifters, lifting is done by pumping the oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinder with a special winch, and lowering is done by reducing the oil pressure by turning a bleed valve located on the bottom of the lifting jack. The hydraulic jack is also pretty thick to ensure even more durability and provide better resistance against failure of the hoist.

Legs and wheels

Larin EH-2FB engine hoist is equipped with two adjustable legs. This is not that common feature for an engine hoist and allows to adjust the legs of the hoist for more stability. For example, when lifting engines that are located deeper into an engine department and further from cars front, you may need to extend the boom to the furthest position and hoist may become less stable. On Larin EH-2FB you can also extend legs to provide more stability while lifting a load. Legs can be fixed into the desired position with two locking rings on both sides of the hoist.

Under the legs there are total of 6 casters – 4 caster under the frame of the hoist and 2 casters at the front of the legs. Caster under the frame can be turned 360 degrees around so they provide good maneuverability for the hoist. Two front casters can be moved only to front and back, but this does not limit the maneuverability of the hoist much. Caster have good bearings and move freely even with a load on the hoist.

Larin EH-2FB engine hoist


Larin hoist has got an adjustable boom with 4 adjustment positions:

  1. 2 ton (4000 lb);
  2. 1.5 ton (3000 lb);
  3. 1 ton (2000 lb);
  4. 0.5 ton (1000 lb).

At the end of the boom there is a 0.4 inch (0.9 cm) chain and a hook for lifting chain or engine leveler attachment.

Size and weight

The dimension of a folded Larin EH-2FB engine hoist are 24.4×24.6×60.1 inches (62×62.5×152.7 cm), and for unfolded hoist in working position – 60.4×36.3×48.8 inches (153.6×92.3×124 cm). The weight of this engine lifter is 190 lb (86 kg).

Check Pricing and Purchase this Larin EH-2FB engine hoist


  • Durable, hight tensile steel parts and jack
  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable boom and legs
  • Handle for easier movement of the hoist


  • Although good for this price range, built quality might be a bit better, for example some mounting holes were not carved as precise, but nothing that might impact the working and durability of this engine hoist
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