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Buying a new car, even if it isn’t brand new, is a big deal and at first you usually do everything you can to keep it in the best condition possible. But after a while, usually life gets in the way and you slowly start to pay a little less attention to your vehicle. So if you want to make your car last and stay in good conditions, then you might want to check out these tips for preserving your car.

One of easiest things you can do, to make your car last longer and to keep in the pristine condition that you bought the car in is to clean the inside of the car. It isn’t hard to vacuum the car’s interior once in a while, shake out the car carpets and wipe down the dash board, but these small actions will make your car interior not only look good but also let it remain in great condition. The same also goes for the outside of the car. The things that do the most damage to your car’s paint job are rain, salt, snow and mud. But if you live in a place where you can’t really avoid these things, then a weekly or bimonthly car wash can help you keep the outside of your car clean and keep the rust away. And you don’t even to have your car washed by professionals, which often costs a lot of money, you can either use one of those places where you can rinse your car yourself or do it using your garden hose, because it will still be better than washing your car once in a blue moon and letting all the dirt and chemicals collect on and under your car, eating away at the paint.

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Another thing you should do, especially if the weather where you live is know to induce rusting, is to use a rust proofing spray fairly often. You can ether get it applied by a professional or buy your own rust-proof spray and use it to coat the outside and the underside of your car. Just make sure that you check the kind of rust proof spray you are buying, because not all of them can used on tires and such.

And lastly make sure you watch where you park your car, especially at times when the parking will be long-term, like in the evenings or during the work day. Did you know that parking spots that are wet in the spring through fall seasons aren’t the best for the condition of your car? It is because all the water will most likely lead to premature under body corrosion and a whole string of other problems. But if we are talking about winter parking, that there probably is no worse place to park than in a heated or warm garage. Why is that? Well since in the winter roads often are salted, all that salt comes in contact with your car too, and if you put the salty snow covered car into a warm place, the snow will start to melt and the salty water will drip into different nooks and crannies of your car damaging them. So it might be a better choice to keep your vehicle outside, where it is cold during the winter and bring it into the garage only when you have cleaned the undercarriage of the car, so there are no surprises of damaged car once the winter is over.

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