• Manufacturer – Pittsburgh Automotive
  • Capacity – 3/8 ton (750 lb)
  • Wheel count – 3 casters
  • Material – Steel
  • Foldable – No
  • Weight – 44 lb (20 kg)
  • Dimensions approx. – 31×35.5×35 inches (78.7×90.2×88.9 cm)
  • Head – 360 rotatable
  • Adjustable mounting arms – Yes

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This product is made by the Pittsburgh Automotive company, which also makes other type of tools for automotive repairs such as engine hoists. The total capacity of this engine stand is 3/8 tons (750 lb), which is not the highest capacity amongst engine stands, but should be enough to hold most 4 cylinder engines. For larger v6 and v8 engines we recommend that you look at engine stands with ½ ton (1000 lb) and higher storage capacities. This tool has got a simple design and is very easy to use for storing smaller engine blocks.


Pittsburgh Automotive engine stand is made from a durable steel, the overall construction is pretty sturdy and should not have problems holding up to ¼ ton (500 lb) heavy engine blocks. However, we would not recommend testing the maximum capacity of 3/8 tons (750 lb) as the engine stand can start to bend and also a dynamic loading can increase the weight on the stand. The stand features a simple design with one main leg and only three casters, which makes the tool easy to assemble. However single leg, three wheel design is less stable than four wheel design, which you must take into account when moving the stand with an engine block.

Mounting plate and arms

For storing an engine block this stand has got a rotating mounting head, a mounting plate with 4 adjustable arms on the front and a rotating handle on the back. The mounting plate has dimensions of 10×6 inches (25.4×10.2 cm). All 4 mounting arms can be adjusted to allow easily mount different sized engine blocks. The mounting head can be rotated 360 degrees around and fixated into position with a steel pin. This allows to access the engine block from various positions to perform repairs. Remember to lock the rotating mechanism before adding an engine on the stand. On the back of the stand there is a moving handle with a rubber grip that allows to rotate the engine block easier. Before using the stand add grease to the rotating head for better rotation.

Legs and wheels

Engine stand features a single leg design with 3 casters in 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) size. Both rear casters can only move forward and back, while the front caster can be rotated 360 degrees around for better maneuverability of the engine stand. All casters used on this tool are heavy duty and will provide easy movement even when holding a load. Use the engine stand only on a hard and level surface.

Size and weight

The dimensions of the Pittsburgh Automotive 750 lb engine stand are 31×35.5×35 inches (78.7×90.2×88.9 cm) and weight of the tool is 44 lb (20 kg).

Check Pricing and Purchase this Pittsburgh Automotive engine stand


  • Great price
  • Decent quality for the price
  • Simple to assemble and use


  • Small storage capacity will only suite 4 cylinder engine blocks
  • 1 leg, 3 wheel design is less stable than stands with 4 wheels and 2 legs
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