• Manufacturer –ProForge
  • Maximum lifting capacity – 1 ton (2000 lb)
  • Material –Rugged hardened steel
  • Lifting range –8 feet (2.4 m)
  • Chain diameter –1/4 inches (0.635 cm)
  • Weight –18 lb (8.1 kg)

Check Pricing and Purchase this ProForge 1 Ton Chain Hoist


ProForge 1 ton chain hoist
ProForge is a manufacturer for this reliable chain host that is easily used to lift and lower loads that are up to 1 ton or 2000 lbs. in weight. This particular chain hoist is made from rugged hardened steel that provides the durability the hoist needs to be able to lift any freely suspended heavy weights without the chance of the load suddenly coming down.

The chain that the hoist comes equipped with is only 0.25 inches in diameter but despite its relatively small size with it you will be able to lift anything below 1 ton up to 8 feet in the air. That makes this hoist useful in multiple industries from car mechanics to construction because with this chain hoist you will be able to lift even bigger and taller objects like big engine blocks of heavy barrels without the hoist causing you any problems or danger to the safety of you or those around you.

Although there isn’t a handle or additional padding on the hand chain of the hoist to make it easier to pull it and lift any heavy load, there is a mechanical load brake that will let you control the load when you are either lifting it or just suspending it in the air and leaving it there.

Because this is a mechanical chain hoist instead of electrical chain hoist you will have to put is some effort and a bit of time to lift the heavier objects with it, but, because the hoist operates with the help of human labor instead of power you won’t need any electricity to work with this hoist providing that you can use it in anywhere and anytime you need it.

The hoist is easy to install, because it already comes assembled in one piece and all you will have to do is to find a place for it somewhere above ground like the ceiling or some taller construction. And the two hooks that comes with this tool both have the opening of 7/8 of an inch (2.22 cm) letting you hook even thicker chains or ropes on it letting you have even bigger variety as to what you are using this chain hoist unit for.

Size and weight

This chain hoist weights about 18 pounds (8.1 kg) which is the ideal weight for sturdy and efficient hoist that will help you lift heavy objects by yourself that otherwise would require the help of others.

Check Pricing and Purchase this ProForge 1 Ton Chain Hoist


  • Good price for durable and reliable product
  • Weighs only 18 lbs. (8.1 kg) so will be easy to transport
  • Comes assembled so will be easy to install
  • Made from hardened steel that provides durability and long lastingness


  • With this chain hoist you can lift only objects that are up to 1 ton (2000 lb) in weight
  • Construction of this hoist could be a bit better
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