In previous articles we have already covered famous names in automobile industry like Henry Ford and Elon Musk. So it is time to look another name that although not everybody knows, they should because this man Sergio Marchionne made Chrysler from a car nobody owns to a car manufacturer that is sought after all over the world and paved the way for multiple different now well know car companies to be come back in style.

Right now Sergio Marchionne is the CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as well as chairman for a few other automobile manufacturing companies. But he always wasn’t known as the man that turned around Fiat and allowed it to become one of the fastest growing automotive companies. He was born in June 17 of 1952 in Chieti, Italy to Italian father Concezio Marchionne and Croatian mother Maria Zuccon. When he was 14 years old he with his family emigrated to Canada, more specifically to Toronto, which is why he holds dual citizenship to Canada and Italy as well as speak both English and Italian perfectly.

Marchionne not only has impressive carrier, but he also has impressive academic background. After finishing high school in the prestigious Canadian St. Michael’s College School, he studied philosophy in University of Toronto, then received Bachelor and MBA of Commerce from University of Windor and a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University just 4 years later. So he has a philosophy as well as business and law degrees, letting him be well oriented in multiple different fields, that all come in handy when you are operating as big of a firm as Fiat.
Speaking of carrier, he like most of us started from the bottom, doing books for UK based professional services firm, then moving on to business side of things working as Director of Corporate Development for one firm to VP and other executive positions in few other companies. But his relationship with Fiat started in 2003 when he was appointed as an independent member of the Board of Directors for Fiat S.p.A. fast-tracking him to become the CEO of that company a year later. Then in 2009 after Crysler had reorganized after a bankruptcy Marchionne became CEO of Crysler, too, and in 2014 Fiat and Crysler merged thanks to Marchionne’s initiative.


It is said that Marchionne’s leadership style is more collegial than most CEO’s or people in power positions, because he prefers to deal with those who work for him directly. And maybe that is the secret to him being able to rehabilitate Fiat and Crysler and make them the household names they are now, because as of right now they are the seventh largest automobile manufacturers in the world, when only a few years back Crysler was on the verge of bankruptcy. So without a doubt Sergio Marchionne should be named among other greats in automobile industry, because what he did with Fiat and Crysler will defiantly go down in history of automotive industry as something worth mentioning. But Marchionne isn’t stopping there, because he keeps building Fiat Crysler to become even bigger and more important player in the automotive industry, in which no doubt he will succeed.

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