Driving a car can induce many different emotions from road rage, to anxiety, to anger, to frustration and so on, since the act of driving isn’t completely up to you ad you have to take into consideration not only others on the road but also the weather. And to some it is almost impossible to stay calm on the road. If you are one of these people, but want to change your tune and become a more calm and mindful driver, then this advice on how to stay calm on he road will be perfect for you.

One of the things you can do to stay calm, and collected on the road is to remember, that there are so many different types of drivers on the road, who all just want to get to their destination, just like you, and try to be tolerant and understanding towards them, because your anger or rage really won’t do you any good in terms of getting to your destination quicker. On top of that you also need to remember, that traffic and weather isn’t something you can control, which is why it won’t help anyone and least of all you to experience all these heightened emotions. They will only make you exhausted by the time you get to where you were going.

If this isn’t the advice you were looking for and you want a way to stay calm that is a little more active, then yo can just try and concentrate on the act of driving, rather than thinking about the traffic ahead of you or how you want to get to your destination as fast as possible. Just put your full attention towards pushing the gas pedal, making he right turn or looking I your review mirror for approaching cars. This can help you forget about the things that made you angry, frustrated or anxious, which in return will make the road go by faster.


But if anxiety is the thing you struggle with while you are driving not anger or frustration, then you might want to not only focus on the driving but also take extra precautions that will limit the chance of a anxiety or a panic attack. This precautions could be choosing a route that you know is safe and there is not much traffic, which will make it easier to navigate the road and won’t force you to face as many things that could induce anxiousness. You should also drive in a manner, that is safe, so make sure you don’t speed, signal before you are about to turn, make sure you are aware what is going around you and don’t have distractions like phone or loud music in your car. This will all help you to not contribute to the chance of anxiety by creating dangerous situations yourself. And of coarse you can also always have someone with you in the car or on speed dial, who knows how to calm you down, so even if the anxiety or panic strikes, you aren’t left alone in the middle of a traffic jam.

And lastly whenever you feel a wave of strong emotions take over while you are driving, just try to take a couple of deep breaths and try to rationalize your emotions. Maybe the frustration you are feeling isn’t because someone is driving too slow in front of you, but because you are very hungry, which is your own fault, not the person’s in the car in front of you. Or maybe the road rage comes from the fact that you know you will be late even though you yourself left too late to be on time, not because there is an accident on the road and a small traffic jam is forming. This type of rationalization can seriously help you stay level headed no matter what situations you are facing on the road.

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