Car or automobile is one of the most efficient and most comfortable ways of transportation because not only it allows you to get to your destination quickly, it also enables you to transport quite a lot of stuff, to bring your friends or family along for the ride and to drive in the comfort of your own car instead of having to share public transportation with other people. But one of the most underrated bonuses of owning a car is that you get to custom make you vehicle so that it reflects your needs and preferences. And one of the most common ways to custom your car is to add window tinting, because tinted windows have a couple of great benefits that any car owner would appreciate.

Window tinting protects from the heat

Researchers have proven that window tinting give better protection from heat. Because the window tint is dark, it is able to control the energy from the sun and to lessen the amount of heat we get from the sun when it is shining directly on us for about 78%. Think about it, if you don’t have window tinting, every summer you get so much more heat and your car heats up that much faster making you use the air conditioning more that in return burns up more fuel and your gas mileage is much bigger. So really by installing window tinting you are able to make your car more economical and therefore you are able to save some money on gas.

Window tinting adds safety

Another big reason why you should think about installing window tinting is that it adds extra safety to your car. We all know that glass is very sharp and if glass is broken when somebody is close to, it can cause some serious damage to this person. But if your windows have tinting on them, this tinting works as a shield between the person sitting in the car and the glass fragments that can cause injuries, because window tinting makes it harder to break the glass that way adding an extra safety measure to your car.

Window tinting adds privacy

We all have probably seen that many government vehicles that transport important people and limousines too all have tinted windows. And although a part of the reason for these windows is safety, a big reason for tinted windows is privacy too. If you have tinted windows most of the time (usually depending on how dark the tinting is) that blocks people from seeing inside your car, which is convenient if you don’t want people to see you or inside your car while you are driving it or while it is parked, giving you privacy and making you also feel safer inside your car.


Window tinting prevents discoloration and fading

Window tinting is not simply dark colored film, but it actually is made from special material that is able to reflect about 99% of all ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun that way preventing the fading and discoloration of the car’s interior. Direct sun is especially bad for wood and plastic materials that are often found in car salons. And because window tinting lessens the heat that the car interior gets from the sun and changes the light that it gets from the sun, it efficiently prevents the car’s interior from losing its color and becoming ugly.

Window tinting blocks bright light

Anyone who has a driver’s license has at least once in their lifetime experienced situation when the light from sun is so bright that not even sunglasses helps and you barely can see the road in front of you. These kind of driving conditions are not only very uncomfortable but also aren’t very safe. And because window tinting keeps the heat and the brightness of the sun at bay, it helps in exactly these kind of situations by blocking about 20 to 80 percent (depending on the tinting) of the bright light and letting you see better to be safer on the road and aware of any obstacle on it.

Window tinting simply makes the car look better

And lastly window tinting simply makes cars look better and adds a cooler feel to them. Because window tinting is categorized into toning film, protection film, mirror film and decorative film the functionality really depends on which type of film you install, but all type of films are able to make your car look cooler and adds style and character to the car, so it differs from the rest of cars. And of course the fact that it is simple and pretty cheap to install too makes it even more desirable to any car owner.

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