• Distributor – Torin Jacks Inc.
  • Maximum lifting capacity – 2 ton (4000 lb)
  • Wheel count – 6 casters
  • Material – High tensile steel
  • Hydraulic jack capacity – 8 tons (16000 lb)
  • Foldable – Yes
  • Adjustable boom positions – 4 positions:
    1. 2 ton (4000 lb);
    2. 1.5 ton (3000 lb);
    3. 1 ton (2000 lb);
    4. 0.5 ton (1000 lb).
  • Extendable legs – No
  • Dimensions (unfolded) approx. – 59.8×21.3×6.3 inches (152x54x16 cm)
  • Weight – 185 lb (84 kg)
  • Lifting range – 78.75 inches (2 m)

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Torin Jacks Inc is a company with over 30 years of experience in production of different hydraulics which include engine hoists, ram jacks, bottle jacks, motorcycle jacks and others. They also sell automotive tools like engine levelers, tool boxes, winches, tool carts and others. Torin Jacks Inc is known for their high quality products and excellent customer service.


Torin T32001

Torin T32001 is an engine lifter with 2 ton (4000 lb) lifting capacity. You can find similar products made by other hoist manufacturers. This engine hoist has extra tough steel parts that can handle 2 on heavy engines, transmissions, gearboxes, motorcycle parts, boat engines and others parts with ease. Torin T32001 has got a foldable design, legs can be folded upwards and boom can be folded down and the tool becomes much more compact and will take less space when stored.


The frame of Torin engine lifter, as well as boom and legs are made a from high tensile steel, which is quite thick and can handle heavy usage. The frame has two support plates on the side that gives the hoist a better stability and increases durability when lifting heavier engines. This tool is made with a pin locking system. Legs of the hoist can be folded in upward position and secured in place with simple locking pins, and can be lowered back down and secured into working position with the same pins. Remember to always secure legs of the hoist with pins, especially in working position before applying load to the hoist, or else lifter might fail. On the back of the main tube you will find a handle with rubber grips that can is used for pushing the hoist.


Torin T32001 hoist is equipped with a hydraulic jack that is able to handle up to 8 ton heavy loads. Again, same as with other hydraulic engine hoists, Torin jack works with the same principle. Close the bleed valve before lifting the load. When the valve is closed place the pump winch into a holder on base of the jack and start pumping, this will increase the oil pressure into the cylinder and load will start to lift. If load is not lifting, check if the bleed valve is fully closed. The valve must be closed in a clockwise direction. To lower the load simply turn the valve counter clockwise. This must be done with a caution as lowering of load is going to be faster than lifting of load.

Legs and wheels

Torin engine lifter has got two foldable legs. Both legs can be folded in up position for storage and down position for working. There are pins on both sides of legs that secure legs so they do not come out when stored or in a lifting process. It is important to put the locking pins into legs before lifting or else the hoist might fail and the hoist and object lifted might get damaged. The height from the ground to the top of the leg is approx 7.5 inches (19 cm) so legs should go under majority of cars without any problems.

Torin T32001 engine hoist

This engine lifter has got total of 6 casters. 4 casters are located below the main frame of the hoist and 2 casters are located on front of the legs. All 6 casters can be rotated 360 degrees which allows to move the hoist in any direction. Wheels have high quality bearings that allow to move the hoist freely even when it is carrying a load.


Torin T32001 engine hoists had got an adjustable boom with for extension positions:

  1. 2 ton (4000 lb);
  2. 1.5 ton (3000 lb);
  3. 1 ton (2000 lb);
  4. 0.5 ton (1000 lb).

Hoist is equipped with a chain and a hook at the end of the boom for lifting purposes.

Size and weight

Dimensions of Torin T32001 engine hoist are 59.8×21.3×6.3 inches (152x54x16 cm). The weight of the tool is 185 lb (84 kg). The lifting range from the ground is 78.75 inches (2 m).

Check Pricing and Purchase this Torin T32001 engine hoist


  • Well known and reliable manufacturer – Torin
  • Good quality of the product
  • Easily foldable for convenient storage
  • 6 casters (360 degree rotatable) allow better movement of a loaded hoist
  • Adjustable legs and boom


  • Few users have reported that mounting holes do not line up


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