• Manufacturer – Torin
  • Capacity – 1 ton (2000 lb)
  • Wheel count – 4 casters
  • Material – Heavy gauge steel
  • Foldable – No
  • Weight – 92 lb (42 kg)
  • Dimensions approx. – 35.5x26x33.5 inches (90x66x85 cm)
  • Head – 360 rotatable
  • Adjustable mounting arms – Yes
  • Additional features – Tool tray, stabilizing feet



This engine stand is manufactured by a well known Torin brand. Torin is producing not only one of the industries best selling engine stands but also good quality, affordable price engine hoists. This particular engine stand is rated at 1 ton (2000 lb) capacity, so it can store most v4 and v6 engine blocks for repair. One thing that stands this engine stand out from the rest is its durability and stability as well as many useful features such as tools tray and stabilizing feet that you won’t find on many other engine stands. This tool will be useful both for individual repairers as well as professional car work shops. Torin engine stand is not foldable, but you can disassemble it pretty easily, if you need to store or transport the stand.


The construction of the stand is made from a heavy duty steel tubes, which are covered with a red paint to prevent the hoist from rusting. Torin TR29005 engine stand is a pretty durable tool, on the sides of the upright post there are two support plates that provide additional durability and stability for the stand. The tubes of the stand are pretty thick and all parts are connected with durable steel screws, so you won’t have to worry that the stand will fail even when storing heavier engine blocks. At the back of the upright post there is a tool tray, which is a very convenient thing, when you are repairing an engine block, where you can store parts of the engine block as well as your tools, so they don’t mess on the floor and possibly block the way, when you are moving the engine stand.

Mounting plate and arms

Torin engine stand has got a mounting plate with 4 adjustable mounting arms that will fit most of engine blocks. The mounting head can be rotated 360 degrees around, so you can access the engine block from various angles. When you have turned the engine in the correct angle, it can be secured in the position by inserting a locking pin in the top of the mounting head. One the back of the head there is a long metal handle with rubber grips that allows to easily rotate the head with an engine.

Legs and wheels

This engine stand features a 2 leg design, both of the legs can be dismounted for easier storage or transportation needs. Under the legs there are total of 4 swivel casters, all casters can be rotated 360 degrees around. Casters have durable steel bearings, which allow to easily move the stand also when holding an engine block. A very useful feature is 4 stabilizing feet on the legs of the stand, which help to secure the stand in a position when attaching an engine block from an engine hoist or when performing repairs to an engine block.

Size and weight

The size of Torin TR29005 engine stand is approx. 35.5x26x33.5 inches (90x66x85 cm) and the tools weighs 92 lb (42 kg).


  • Durable, heavy gauge steel construction
  • Very stable stand thanks to 4 swivel casters and 4 stabilizing feet
  • Tool tray allows to organize your parts and tools while repairing an engine block


  • Non foldable design
  • As for now, it looks that this engine stand is out of the stock in most online stores, and there are no indications when or if the stand again will be available in the largest tool stores
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