• Manufacturer – Torin
  • Maximum lifting capacity – 1 ton (2000 lb)
  • Material – Steel
  • Lifting range – 8 feet (2.4 m)
  • Weight – 20 lb (9 kg)
  • Dimensions approx. – 10×7.5×5.8 inches (25.4x19x14.7 cm)

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Torin TR9010 is a chain block hoist that is simple to install and use. This is a very helpful tool for all your lifting works and will be useful for lots of applications. TR9010 chain hoist is manufactured by the well known brand – Torin, which also produces one of the best selling engine hoists and engine stands. One thing that best describes this tool is a great value, because you can purchase the 1 ton (2000 lb) version at about 50 dollars, and for that money you get a hoist with good built quality that can help to lift and lower heavy objects and can be used both by individuals and companies in different industries. Torin TR9010 chain hoist comes in four capacities – 1 ton (2000 lb), 2 ton (4000 lb), 3 ton (6000 lb) and 5 ton (10000 lb). This allows you to choose the right chain hoist for different applications, to lift lighter objects for home use the 1 ton (2000 lb) capacity chain hoist will do the job, but if you need to lift larger and heavier items, lets say industrial tools or objects in a construction sites, purchase one of the higher capacity versions of the chain block. This tool can also be used to lift engine and other automotive parts, if you have a place on the ceiling in your garage or work shop to mount the tool.


Torin TR9010 chain hoist is made from a durable steel that has been tested to meet the according loads. The tool itself is very compact and pretty light (when compared to other lifting tools) and ships in a single box. On the top of the hoist there is a grab hook, so you can easily install the hoist on your ceiling or other place above the ground. The lifting range of Torin chain hoist is approx. 8 feet (2.4 m). The hoist has got a similar operating technique as other chain hoists on the market and uses load sharing gears to multiply the force put on the hoist when pulling the pull chain to lift a load. At the end of the steel chain there is a swivel hook, where you can attach the load with a lift sling, load leveler or any other type of tool. All in all, the tool has got a durable and quality construction and it is pretty compact, so won’t take a lot of space both when installed or stored when not in use.


The usage of this chain hoist is very easy, one of the most easy to use lifting tools. We found it especially handy to use when compared to hydraulic engine hoists if you just need to pull the engine out of the motor compartment, however, if you want to move the engine to a different spot, you will either need to install a movable ceiling mount or move the car away from the bottom of the hoist and place an engine stand, where you can install the engine block for a permanent storage. Because of the light weight of the tool, it is also easy to install and definitely will take less time to put on than assembling a hydraulic engine hoist, if you have previously set up a place for installing hoist.

Because this is a manual chain hoist, it requires you to pull the chain manually with your hands, which is a very slow process, however, it allows to safely lift and lower loads. Also, all chain hoists have automatic brakes, which fixates the gear and prevents a lifted load from dropping on the ground, so you don’t have to worry that you will need to hold the pull chain, when a load is lifted. A common problem with cheaper chain hoists is that the chain tends to stuck, but we didn’t find this problem with Torin TR9010, which shows the quality construction of this tool. One thing we must note at the end is that the chain is covered in oil out of the box, so wear gloves and work clothing when installing and using the hoist.

Size and weight

The size of Torin TR9010 chain hoist is 10×7.5×5.8 inches (25.4x19x14.7 cm) and the weight of the tool is 20 lb (9 kg).

Check Pricing and Purchase this Torin TR9010 chain hoist


  • Well made, durable and reliable construction
  • Good price
  • Product available with multiple lift capacities from 1 ton (2000 lb) to 5 tons (10000 lb)


  • Some users have reported that the chain was trapped inside the hoist, when they received the tool, however, we did not find such a problem. And also if you find this problem with your hoist, it can easily be fixed in couple of minutes
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