First, Thank You for visiting my website

meMy name is Billy and I was born and live in the Kansas City with my wife and 3 kids. Since I can remember myself, I have been interested in cars and different tools and could just sit all day building and dismantling my toys. As my father usually likes to laugh and tell all my friends: “Billy wrecked more than 10 cars (toy of course) before he even started to walk”.

This interest in cars have followed me all my life, so I got an Automotive Mechanic Education and have been working as a Car Mechanic for more than 20 years. While working as a mechanic all these years, I have gathered a lot of experience in the field, so I started thinking about ways I can share my knowledge with others. One of the most important lessons I learned while working as a mechanic is that:

You have to keep up with new technologies, no matter which field you are working in.

Both of these things – my knowledge in the field and usage of new technologies came together and created the website your are browsing.

I considered myself of a dinosaur when it came to computers and the internet, but with help of my older son who is currently getting a major in Information Technologies, I managed to create this website where I share all sorts of information about automotive industry, car repairs and similar topics I know or am interested in.

I started the website to review car repair tools that I know or have used, because there simply wasn’t enough information on the internet about pros and cons of using most of these tools. Because in the last few years most of my time I have been working with engines, both in my job and at my free time, most of the tools I review are connected to engine repairs.

But now, when my blog has grown bigger and more people are visiting it, I have also started to write about other stuff I am interested at regarding the automotive industry, such as sharing my thoughts about the future of cars, giving different tips about car maintenance and similar stuff.

I hope you find my blog interesting and useful and if you have any questions, want to share your viewpoint about any of the topics I cover or simply want to chat about something, use the contact form and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a good day,

Billy R. Miller.