Have you ever had a flat tire on a road trip with no one to call? You probably wished you had an electric car jack on you. Electric car jacks have one simple function – to raise your vehicle so you can work underneath of it. While full-on maintenance work requires jack stands, you can change your tire using just a jack if you use caution. In short, never get underneath your vehicle without using support. With that being said, many people store portable electric car jacks in their vehicle in case they get a flat tire. Using a hand tool to change your flat tire is a thing of the past (or should be at least). Electric car jacks make it possible to lift up your car in just under a minute. Most electric jack stands come in a kit that also includes a pump and wrench, along with a durable case to store the tools in.

You don’t have to be a car fanatic or a handyman to own an electric car jack. Since you never really know when you could end up with a flat tire or a problem with your vehicle, it’s always a good idea to have one of these in your car at all times. The best part? You can buy an affordable and high-quality jack without even leaving your home. We analyzed and reviewed various electric car jacks and came up with the top three. While researching, we shortlisted products that would later be considered for our “honorable mentions” list. After summarizing the car jacks on Amazon, we’ll provide you with a buyer’s guide along with other information such as long-term care and maintenance.

Top Three Electric Car Jacks

After carefully reviewing various electric car jacks on Amazon, we selected the top three in terms of price, quality, brand reputation, and overall functionality. Each of these products was handpicked, completely free of bias. If you’re in need of an electric jack, take a look at these products:

1. ROGTZ Electric Car Jack

The top product on our list is the ROGTZ electric car jack. This price of this jack ranges from $79.99 to $139.97, depending on the package you buy. ROGTZ offers the option to buy the jack only, the jack and a wrench set, or a jack, wrench set, and a pump set. No matter which option you choose, you’ll get a battery clip, screwdriver, double sockets, and a hand crank. With a weight capacity of three tons, this electric scissor jack is best for sedans and small SUVs. ROGTZ especially notes that you should not use it if you have a truck. Since all of the jacks come in a firm and durable suitcase, you can easily transport the jack with you and store it in your car in case you get a flat tire. A highlight of this product is that it’s user-friendly and easy to operate. Within two minutes the jack can reach its maximum height of 42cm and will automatically stop working as a safety mechanism. A quick glance at the reviews on Amazon makes it clear that this electric car jack is much preferred over the old fashion hand cranks that come with a side of grease and sweat.

Along with the hard suitcase for storage, this electric car jack also comes with a built-in flashlight in case you get a flat tire in the middle of the country when it’s pitch black. In the unfortunate event that your car dies, the device comes equipped with a two-way power supply, so you can either use a 12V outlet or your car battery and connect the jack to the cigarette lighter in your car. Moreover, ROGTZ recently updated this product and now it boasts a heavier, more durable body that weighs in at 21.1lbs. Don’t let the weight scare you – even people with a petite frame can use this jack with ease. To ensure maximum durability, this product is built with a heavy-duty thickening base and a triangle design. With its extra-large base, you don’t have to worry about it ever failing or giving out on your vehicle. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just an everyday commuter, this is a reliable and durable jack that can save you when you least expect it. No more turning a hand jack and putting in the muscle power. Starting at just under $80, this 12-volt electric car jack is a worthy investment and will save you both time and money in the long-run.

Check Pricing and Purchase this ROGTZ Electric Car Jack



  • Comes with a built-in flashlight
  • Includes an all-purpose toolbox
  • Takes only two minutes to reach the maximum height
  • Automatically stops at the maximum height


  • No warranty information on Amazon
  • Doesn’t lift high enough for all vehicles


2. DINSEN Electric Hydraulic Jack

Sold exclusively by DINSEN, this electric hydraulic jack has a capacity of one ton and a lift range between 6.1-17.1in. DINSEN is a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in electric jacks, inflator pumps, and practices a “honest management and perfect service” philosophy. At a price of about $140, this is one of the better priced electric hydraulic jacks on Amazon. Like the jack sold by ROGTZ, this product also comes with a protective case that makes it easy to take with you while you’re on the go. Given that this product supports just over two tons, it’s best suited for compact cars and smaller sedans. A notable difference between this product and other electric hydraulic jacks is that it’s made out of plastic. With that being said, DINSEN recommends that you always pick it up using the handles and that you are careful when using it. While most of the reviews online for this product are positive, it’s not quite as popular on Amazon as its ROGTZ counterpart. Nonetheless, it’s still a solid choice and a good tool to carry around with you even if you don’t have to use it often.

This bright orange hydraulic electric pump is actually part of a kit that features an inflatable pump, electric impact wrench, a battery pump, and even a pair of gloves. It’s powered by a 12V outlet and you turn it on just by flipping two switches. When DINSEN designed this product, it’s quite clear that they had safety in mind. The jack features a built-in safety mechanism that keeps the jack from falling, even if the vehicle turns off and the device no longer has power. In addition, it boasts a cross grove saddle that keeps the vehicle from sliding. Even though the devices are made out of plastic, the kit together still weighs just under 20lbs. Whether it’s bitterly cold or the middle of the summer, this 12v electric jack should be able to handle the temperature. The only time you may have trouble operating the device is if the temperature drops below 5℉. With measurements of 15.4in. x 14.2in. x 7.1in, the case will fit perfectly in your trunk or back seat. This kit is truly all you need to fix a flat tire. While most shoppers state that they don’t plan (or want) to use the jack, you never know when you might run over a nail and end up with a flat. If you have a smaller vehicle that falls under the maximum capacity, this jack is definitely worth checking out.

Check Pricing and Purchase this SDINSEN Electric Hydraulic Jack


  • Built-in safety mechanism to maintain height
  • Wrench comes with four different sizes of sleeves
  • Comes with a portable storage case
  • Works in a wide range of temperatures (5℉ to 122℉)


  • Made of plastic parts
  • Only supports up to two tons


3. MarchInn Electric Floor Jack

The last product to make our list is the MarchInn electric floor jack. With a weight capacity of three tons, this is by far one of the strongest jacks on Amazon. It’s suitable for sedans, SUVs, trucks, and even smaller motorhomes. Like the other jacks featured, this listing isn’t just for the jack itself, rather a turn-key kit with everything needed to fix a flat tire when you’re out on the road. According to MarchInn, it only takes one minute for the jack to lift your car and reach its maximum height. Just grab ahold of the wrench that’s included in the kit and you’ll change your tire on no time. Even though the device can support roughly 6,600lbs, you wouldn’t know it by picking it up. The jack only weighs 10.3lbs and paired with the wrench and accessories, the entire kit weighs 22.9lbs You can easily haul this kit around with you without breaking your back when you go to take it out. Although there aren’t as many reviews on Amazon as some of the other electric floor jacks, almost all of the ones out there are positive and rave about this jack’s ability to lift vehicles that are even at the higher end of the weight limit.

This kit comes with all the essentials – an electric jack (of course), an impact wrench, battery clips, protective case, and a remote control to operate the jack. To make sure the device is as safe as possible, MarchInn designed the jack with various safety features. Once the jack reaches the maximum height of 17.7in, it turns off automatically to avoid malfunctions. The structure is also designed to hold the car without any chance of failure. The kit comes with a triangle that will warn passing vehicles to keep their distance. With a high-strength steel body, this jack is built to last. The body also boasts an anti-rust wear-resistant coating to ensure maximum longevity. Since the body is also waterproof, you can use the electric jack in both rain and shine. To power the device, simply connect the 12V cord to the cigarette lighter or use the battery clips included in the kit. If for some reason you don’t have a power source, you can always use the manual crank to raise the jack. The remote control lets you maintain a safe distance from the jack while you’re operating it. For just under $170, this electric floor jack is well worth the money, especially if you have a heaver vehicle.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Strongway Double-Locking 12 Ton Jack Stands


  • Anti-rust and weather-resistant exterior
  • Supports up to three tons
  • Jack stops when the weight limited is reached
  • Comes with two different saddles


  • No warranty information available
  • Some reviewers claim that it’s bulky

Other Electric Car Jacks to Consider

Not quite sold on one of our top three electric car jacks? You’re in luck – we came up with a list of various other electric car jacks that are solid options. Even though these jacks aren’t one of our top three products, they’re still good choices and are well-built. While picking out our list of honorable mentions, we considered factors such as price, Amazon rating, durability, and brand reputation. Before making a purchase, check out these seven other electric car jacks:

EAMBRITE Automatic Car Jack

Sold by EMABRITE, this automatic car jack supports up to one ton and has a lift range between 6.1 and 17.3in Unlike the products on our top three list, this car jack does not come with a case and is not part of a kit. It does, on the other hand, come with an LED light for when you have to use it while it’s dark outside. With the 11.4ft cord that’s included with the jack, you should not have problems reaching a cigarette lighter inside your vehicle. In addition to the long cord, there’s also a built-in safety device (as there should be) that keeps the jack from falling while it’s in use or if the power source goes out. Since it weighs less than 10lbs, it’s not extra bulky and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your car. The only reason this device didn’t make the list of top products is because we felt the price was a little high considering it wasn’t part of a kit.

BestEquip Electric Car Jack

For just under $83, this electric scissor jack by BestEquip is a great deal considering it supports three tons. Moreover, you won’t find any cheap plastic on this bugger. It’s made of high-strength steel for ultimate durability. If you’re willing to shell out just a couple dollars more, you can get a remote control to power the jack. No matter what version you end up buying, you’ll get a hard-plastic storage case to transport the jack in. According to reviewers, this jack is a “must-have” for all vehicle owners. In particular, the material makes a much more attractive option when compared with its plastic counterparts. The only slight downside to this product is that some people noted difficulties using the tool intended for removing nuts. Despite this minor flaw, you can’t go wrong at this price point for a jack that supports up to three tons.

ABN Electric Hydraulic Jack

This discrete electric hydraulic jack by ABN supports up to three tons and is easily transportable. Auto Body Now (ABN), is a massive auto parts retailer that has a collection of over 10,000 tools and supplies. This particular jack reaches a maximum height of 17.5in and comes with an 11.5ft. 12V power cord that can reach all corners of your car. Like almost all jacks, there is a built-in safety feature that keeps the jack from falling while in use. In addition, there’s also a light on the front of the jack to help brighten up your workspace. Weighing in at 5lbs, this hydraulic jack is probably one of the lightest ones available on Amazon. If there are any defects in materials or workmanship, you’re covered under a one-year warranty provided by ABN. The only downside to this jack is that it doesn’t come with a case to transport in. Despite lacking a case, this jack is a good deal for only $83.

MarchInn Electric Scissor Jack

Another product sold by MarchInn is this three-ton electric scissor jack. The device reaches its maximum height in just one minute and can be powered by a 12V outlet. Made of reinforced steel, this product is made to last. The steel gives it a sleek appearance and it doesn’t come off cheap like some of the jacks made with plastic. At $120, it’s not the cheapest by any means but it’s far from the most expensive on Amazon. For an extra $5, you can get a wheel nut wrench with the jack. Since it only weighs 11lbs and comes with a portable case, bringing the jack with you in the car won’t take up too much space. Like the MarchInn electric scissor jack on our top three list, this jack also boasts an anti-rust and weather-resistant finish. For an attractive device that has a higher weight limit, this electric scissor jack is certainly one to consider.

ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack

As you saw on our top-three list, ROGTZ products are built with safety in mind and never sacrifice quality. This floor jack can lift up to three tons and reaches a maximum height of 42cm. If you end up with a flat tire, you can lift your car in as little as two minutes with this electric floor jack. The built-in LED light makes practical and safe to use the device at night. All jacks come with a strong case for convenient storage and transportation. You can power the floor jack by either using battery clips or by plugging the power cord into the car’s cigarette lighter. Remember, this listing is for a jack only, not a kit. Some customers did note some difficulty while using the wrench and claimed the jack didn’t work well with cars weighing three tons. Overall, this is good option if you’re looking for an easily portable jack at a low price.

Comie Electric Automotive Jack

At just under $49, the Comie electric automotive jack is the cheapest product on our list. Complete with a kit, this jack can hold up to 1.5 tons and weights just 11lbs. The lower weight limit is reflected in the price. This jack is definitely not for trucks or SUVs. It’s best for small compact cars and sedans. The kit contains the jack, a battery clip, a cigarette power line, hand crank, and three fuses. While this jack will get the job, it’s not quite as attractive as some of the other options. The jack exterior is made of plastic and features a relatively bland, grey color. The product listing doesn’t mention how long it takes to completely lift the vehicle, however, reviewers note that it’s fairly slow. For the price, you can’t expect it to be as quick as some of the other jacks. Even though it’s not much to look at, this jack is a good choice if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a fortune.

Mophorn Electric Car Jack

The last jack to make our list is the Mophorn electric car jack. This is a scissor styled jack that can hold up to 2.5 tons and reaches a maximum height of 14.6in. According to Mophorn, this jack is suitable for sedans, off-road vehicles, vans, and light-duty trucks. It comes with a durable black case and all the accessories and tools needed to lift your vehicle and change a tire. The entire kit weighs 25.9lbs, so it is a bit heavier than some of the alternatives. Moreover, the jack can lift a car in just under one minute, making it quick and easy to change your tire. Just remove the screws with the wrench and you’ll be back on the road in no time. The jack kit is priced at $116.99, putting it right in the middle of the road. We didn’t include this product in our top-three lists because a handful of customers reported very slow shipping times and problems before using it. That being said, it’s still worth checking out to see if it suits you.

General Information About the Product Group

Ranging from scissor jacks to hydraulic jacks, there are many different types of jacks with varying purposes and capacities. Hydraulic jacks, for example, are used on a permanent basis in shops and garages. With the help of jack stands, mechanics and car owners can slide under the vehicle to perform both routine and one-time repair jobs. Electric car jacks sold in kits are generally intended for emergency situations such as a flat tire (the most common scenario). Anyone who owns a vehicle should own an electric car jack and know how to use it. All ages (over the driving age) and are capable of operating these types of jacks.

Key Parts and How They Work

Believe it or not, an electric car jack has a lot of the same parts as a standard scissor jack. At the top of the jack, there’s a “jack pad.” This is the part of the jack that hooks on to the car’s frame to elevate it. Most jack kits come with both an SUV and sedan jack pad. At the opposite end of the jack, you’ll find the base that supports the jack’s body. A large, flat base provides stability and keeps the jack from sinking into the ground when you’re working on your car. If the electric car jack has a scissor shape, then there’s a triangular body that raises the car and connects the base to the jack pads at the top. Lastly, there’s a 12-volt power supply cord that powers the jack using a cigarette lighter.

Alternatives to Electric Car Jacks

While there are several alternatives to electric car jacks, the other options usually require more manual labor. Before electric car jacks existed, people used more hands-on tools to change flats. These aren’t as convenient and come with more safety concerns. Here’s a look at alternative tools you can use:

A Traditional Jack and Lug Wrench

The standard was a way to change a flat tire is to use a traditional jack and lug wrench. This method requires you to first loosen the lug nut with the lug wrench before jacking the vehicle up. A “traditional” jack is usually just a scissor jack. You’ll have to attach this to the frame of your vehicle and then use the jack handle to raise the jack. After putting on the new tire, you must then lower the jack, which can be sometimes tricky when you’re in close proximity to the car’s frame or the ground.

A Hydraulic Jack

If you walk into an auto repair shop, chances are they’re using a hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jacks use force generated by pressure to lift a vehicle. These jacks are best for actually working underneath the car (with jack stands, of course). The downside to hydraulic jacks is that there much heavier and not as portable as electric car jacks. Even though they’re sturdier and heavy-duty, it would be impractical to store when in your car and then take it out on the side of the road to change a flat tire.

Buying Guide

While all electric car jacks share the common goal, there are various styles and weight capacities. If you own a truck, you probably aren’t going to want to own a jack that only holds two tons. When it comes to buying a jack, the biggest selling point should be if it’s suitable for your car or not. You’ll want to consider if the jack hook will fit your vehicle, if you have space for the jack in your car, and if the cord will be able to reach the plugin in your car. After you get the most important factors out of the way, you can start to look at some of the extras that will help you seal the deal. These extras could include a storage case, LED lights, or a commercial grade exterior coating that is resistant to the elements. The list of main and additional features below will help you determine what electric car jack is right for you.

Main Features

Versatile Jack Pads

Since SUVs need a larger and flatter jack pad, it’s important to note whether the pad is compatible with your vehicle. Most jacks come with a sedan and SUV pad that you can swap out. Having both of them is advantageous if you own multiple types of vehicles. In addition, there’s also a universal polyurethane jack pad that fits most types of vehicles. You can always purchase one of these separately if the included pads don’t fit your vehicle.

Multiple Power Sources

The standard electric car jack is either powered by the cigarette lighter inside your vehicle or your battery directly by the use of clips. Although most jacks can be powered by both sources, some only work by using a 12V power adaptor that gets connected to the cigarette lighter receptacle. If the receptacle goes out for some reason, you’ll have to opt for the battery clips. At the end of the day, having two power sources is your safest bet.

Design – Scissor vs. Floor Jack

Just like non-electric car jacks, electric jacks come in both floor and scissor designs. The main difference between the two is that a floor jack has an arm that lifts out of the body whereas the body of a scissor jack extends upwards in a triangular motion. Furthermore, floor jacks typically have a higher weight capacity when compared to a scissor jack. Scissor jacks are more common for one-time emergencies such as changing a flat tire. In contrast, floor jacks are best for long-term use and may not wear down as quickly as a scissor jack.

Weight Capacity

Inarguably one of the most important metrics to look at is if the device will hold your vehicle’s weight. Most jacks have a minimum capacity of two tons, with the stronger jacks nearing six tons. The general rule-of-thumb is that you should go off your car’s curb weight. The cub weight factors in a full tank of gas, transmission oil, coolant, and other items that weigh your car down. Most car owners use a jack that exceeds their vehicle’s weight substantially. You should pick a jack that is rated for three-quarters of your car’s weight. For example, if your car weighs 3,000lbs, choose a product that has a weight limit of 4,000lbs.

Safety Mechanisms

As with any jack, there should be safety mechanisms implemented that keep the device from failing. Most jacks will automatically stop once the jack reaches its maximum height. You should also make sure the jack will continue working without power. If your car turns off, you don’t want to jack to stop working. Some kits even feature a reflector triangle that warns motorists as they pass by.

Additional Features

Anti-rust body

Anytime you buy a metal tool, there’s a good chance it could end up with rust. Removing rust is tricky and can take multiple days of work. To help combat rust, many manufacturers coat the body with anti-oxidation paint. With an anti-rust body, you won’t have to worry about storing your device inside all the time.

Built-in LED light

If you get a flat tire during the night, a built-in LED light can be a lifesaver. Not only does it warn other motorists, but it also helps you see what you’re doing. The light uses your car’s battery to power on. Some jacks don’t come with a built-in light, but instead, have a flashlight included in the kit.

Wireless Remote

Whenever you’re changing a flat tire, it’s important to never put parts of your body underneath the car (except for when you attach the jack pad at the beginning). To keep as far away from the car as possible, many jacks electric come with a wireless remote. With a press of a button, you can easily raise and lower the device.

Electric Impact Wrench

The last thing to consider is whether or not the jack comes with an electric impact wrench. Electric impact wrenches are important for the preparation before using the jack. With this type of wrench, you can remove the nuts on the tire without having to twist a lug nut back and forth. While you can always buy one of these separately, it’s an extra bonus when it comes included in the kit.

Did You know?

Electric hydraulic jack for car tire changing is a relatively new product to hit the market. It wasn’t till the early 2000’s when patents started to the storm the United States. Traditional jacks, on the other hand, have been around for quite some time.

A Must-Have Addition to Your Car Jack

To make sure you’re as visible as possible at night, you should consider buying a XOOL safety triangle warning kit. This is the ultimate package to make sure other drivers see you. It comes with two bright red triangles, a set of two yellow reflective vests, a pair of gloves, and a case to store all of the items. Even though most electric jack kits come with a triangle or cone to warn drivers at night, it never hurts to go the extra mile. For just $18.99, this is a worthy investment and is definitely something all drivers should keep in their car to make sure their safe when they’re out on the side of the road during the night.

Long-term Care and Use of Electric Car Jacks

Storing Your Electric Jack Lift

You should always keep your electric jack in the case that it comes with. Not only does this keep all the parts together, but it also helps to prevent rust formation. In addition, you should try to store it inside at all times. Extreme temperatures could cause damage to the jack.

Operating the Jack

You should never go over the weight limit and always make sure you’re using the jack on a flat surface. To make sure there’s a sufficient power supply, it’s best to turn on your vehicle and let it run for a few minutes before operating the jack. Keep a safe distance away from the car at all times to avoid injury.

What if the Jack Stops Working?

Don’t panic if the jack stops or won’t lower – your car won’t be stuck in that position forever. Most jacks boast a hole in the back where you can insert a hand crank to manually move the jack. In most cases, you can only move the jack down, not up.

A Final Look at the Best Electric Car Jack Devices

Despite popular belief, you don’t have to be a mechanic or car fanatic to own an electric car jack. Since anyone who drives a car runs the risk of getting a flat tire, everyone should keep one of these in their car. An automatic car jack makes it much easier to change your tire and help you maintain a safe distance from the car. If you have a jack stand, you can also do more maintenance on your car, such as changing the oil. If you’re in the market for a new jack stand, you should definitely consider one of the top three electric car jacks:

1. ROGTZ Electric Car Jack

For just under $140, this electric car jack kit comes with jack, wrench, and pump. You have everything you need for changing a flat tire. The jack supports a maximum load of three tons and reaches up to 42cm in height.

2. DINSEN Electric Hydraulic Jack

Best suited for smaller vehicles, this electric hydraulic jack by DINSEN supports up to one ton and has a maximum height of 17.1in. In addition to the jack, you also get an electric impact wrench, a pump, and a hard case to store the devices. To ensure maximum safety, there’s a mechanism in place that keeps the jack standing even if your car loses power.

3. MarchInn Electric Floor Jack

Complete with a wireless remote and case, this electric floor jack by MarchInn can hold up to three tons. With this jack, you can lift your vehicle in just one minute. Once the jack reaches the maximum height, it stops raising. The compact storage box makes this the perfect jack for when you’re on the go.

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