At first glance, you might not think there’s too much to a jack stand. It’s just a small piece of steel that you can shift up and down, right? The reality is, jack stands serve a vital purpose – they allow you to secure a propped-up vehicle, so you can perform routine maintenance like rotating your car’s tires, changing the oil, and putting on new tires. That said, jack stands must be safe and pass rigorous standards so there’s no chance of the vehicle dismounting and falling on you while you’re underneath it. Back in the old days, people used bricks, stones, and even wood to lift their vehicles up in the air, giving themselves just enough space to slide underneath them. As you can imagine, makeshift jack stands are super dangerous and can result in critical injuries or even death. Fortunately, there’s a huge variety jack stands for sale on Amazon of a fraction of the price that auto parts retailers sell them for. For less than $50, you can get a pair of stands that can support a couple of tons.

We understand how important it is to choose only a product that’s guaranteed to be safe and that won’t hurt you or your vehicle. With that in mind, we set out on a mission to find the top three jack stands on Amazon. On our search, we focused on important aspects such as price, durability, customer reviews, warranty availability, and country of manufacture. If any of the products didn’t meet our high standards in any of the mentioned categories, it was shortlisted and considered again for our “honorable mentions” category. To successfully pinpoint the top three products, we carefully analyzed hundreds of jack stands on Amazon. Following the intensive research on Amazon, we set out to find other unique items in this product category and extensively researched the history of jack stands and their purpose. For a safe, affordable, durable, and trustworthy jack stand, take a look at our top three list and the list of other products to consider that follows.

Top Three Jack Stands

Since consumers put a lot of trust and faith into jack stands, we understand how important it is to find one that meets safety standards and gets the job done. We carefully reviewed various jack stands on Amazon and selected the top three car jack stands. When it came to making the selection, safety, durability, price, and customer feedback were all important factors. In order to make the top three, the jack stand had to excel in all of these categories.

1. Strongway Double-Locking 12 Ton Jack Stands

As the name suggests, Strongway products are built to last. The brand is a trademark of Northern Tool and has an expansive collection of over 500 products on Amazon, ranging from pallet jacks to drum fans. For shoppers looking for auto jack stands, Strongway is one of the go-to brands. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just want an addition to your home shop, these double-locking jack stands will get the job done. Based on several reviews on Amazon, the number one reason people buy these jack stands is that of their concern for safety. Even if their car is nowhere near the weight limit, the high weight limit and trusted brand gives them peace of mind. Another advantage of buying this online over in-store is that you’ll save money and a trip to the store. Weighing in at 63lbs per stand, these stands aren’t built with cheap material that puts your safety at risk.


This listing comes with two 12-ton jack stands built with high-grade steel to ensure both quality and durability. Strongway designed these jack stands with safety in mind. The jacks feature double lock technology and a safety pin on top of that to maximize security while you are working under the vehicle. In addition to the safety features, Strongway manufactures their products in ISO certified facilities where Aerospace Technologies also produces their products. To ensure the jack is easy to clean and doesn’t wear down over time, it’s designed with paint that’s resistant to grease, oil, and dirt. As another safety effort, Strongway doesn’t manufacture any of their products with paint that contains lead and uses a chemical wash to keep the jack stands from rusting over time. The self-locking device makes it easy for you to adjust the jack to the height requirements needed for your vehicle. The minimum lift height is 18 5/16 in. and the maximum lift height is 28in to be exact. Strongway also designed the product so it doesn’t sink into the asphalt with the car’s weight on it. Out of all the 12-ton jack stands on Amazon, this product is defiantly one of the best safe jack stands.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Strongway Double-Locking 12 Ton Jack Stands



  • Reaches a maximum height of 28 inches
  • Holds up to 12 tons
  • Made with oil-resistant paint
  • Reasonable price compared to other high lift jack stands


  • Paint can chip over time
  • No warranty information available


2. OTC Jack Stands

Sold by OTC tools, you can get your hands on this pair of ultra-durable jack stands for less than $170. OTC tools is a Minnesota-based company that’s famous for its ultra-durable and dependable products. OTC offers extended warranties for all their products including a “lifetime limited warranty.” If you decide to buy this pair of stands, you can request a warranty from OTC’s customer service when you check out. Similar to the Strongway double locking stands, many customers flock to the OTC Jack Stands because they feel that they’re the best option for avoiding injury and staying safe under their vehicle. All the reviews for these adjustable jack stands are positive, with many of them noting the impressive stability and flawless design. Whether you’re a mechanic or just want a new addition to your home garage, you should keep this tall jack stands on your radar.

These aren’t your average pair of heavy duty jack stands. The stand’s boast a flat base to keep the stands from sinking into the ground while you work on your vehicle. You can use the jack stand on concrete, asphalt, and a variety of other surfaces. Not only does the flat base prevent sinking, but it also serves as a support area for the heavy load. There are three pinholes with three inch increments you can use to adjust the height of the stand. According to OTC, this product meets strict standards set by ASME/PALD. With a load capacity of 22 tons, this jack stand can support some of the heaviest vehicles, including motorhomes and buses. In addition to its high weight load capacity, the jack stand reaches a maximum height of 20in. and a minimum height of 12in. Just a click glance at the reviews will show you that many customers are satisfied with this product and feel that every penny spent was worth it. Even if your vehicle is nowhere near 12 tons, it never hurts to have something super strong incase you decide to upgrade in the future. For example, choosing this stand over one of the 6 ton jack stands might be a better option. Don’t compromise your safety with other stands that just barely hold your car’s weight. For a great priced jack stand that’s one of the strongest and highest reviewed products out there, give the OTC jack stand a look – you won’t be disappointed at all.

Check Pricing and Purchase this OTC Jack Stands



  • Large surface area to support the load
  • Option to request a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Boats three different holes for adjusting the height
  • One of the best priced 20 ton jack stands


  • Higher price point than other jack stands
  • Requires some setup before you can use it


3. Torin Big Red Jack Stands

The last product to make our top three is this pair red jack stands by Torin. Ranging from two tons to twelve tons, these jack stands come in a variety of weight capacities and price points. Torin Automotive is a BBB-accredited business that’s very popular on Amazon for its high-quality and trustable automotive equipment. Whether you’re looking for a jack stand or a paddle stool, Torin has something for your home shop. Another big selling point that makes this product stand out is the one-year manufacturer warranty that comes with each purchase. Many customers mention that the Torin big red jack stands are constructed much better than competing products on Amazon. In addition to the superior construction, reviewers note the excellent stability and how easy it is to use the jack stands. Since this product is shipped directly from the United States, you won’t have to worry about waiting weeks to receive the jack stands.

If you’re looking for a jack stands made of high-grade forged steel with a one-year warranty, this product might be for you. Depending on the size you purchase, these jacks stand range from 10 1/3in. to 28 1/8in. in height. The stands boast a ratchet bar that you can use to lift or lower the device to the desired height. Not only do the stands feature a locking rack for maximum security, but they also meet all the guidelines set forth by ASME Safety Standards. In addition to the locking rack, the platform itself is designed so that the vehicle’s weight is equally distributed while the jacks are in use. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the device wiggling when you’re trying to use it because they are built to firmly hold your vehicle in place. There’s no doubt that safety is one of Torin’s number one priorities. The price of the jacks themselves ranges from roughly $20 for the smallest size and just under $90 for the largest. When compared to similar products that have the same features, the jack stands by Torin are the best option. While this product might not be designed for holding buses or semi-trucks, it’s still a very good deal for the price. For a stable and durable product built by a trusted product, the Torin big red jack stands might do the trick.

Check Pricing and Purchase this Torin Big Red Jack Stands



  • Made of high-grade forged steel
  • Available in four different weight capacities
  • A large surface area to support the load


  • No stop pin
  • Some customers reported warping


Other Jack Stands to Consider

Not quite sold on one of our top three jack stands? No need to worry – we came with seven notable mentions that you should also consider. Like the top three stands, these products are stable, durable, and sold by only trusted and well-respected retailers. Take a look at the other jack stands you should consider that aren’t one of our top three:

Sunex 10-Ton Jack Stands

Sold by Sunex Tools, this pair of 10-ton jack stands comes in both a low and medium height version. The jack stands are constructed with a heavy schedule pipe for maximum strength and dependability. With multiple holes located along the main shaft, adjusting the jacks to your desired height is easy. The saddle has lug support to securely hold your vehicle in place. Safety isn’t an issue with these jack stands because they Sunex performs ASME PALD compliance testing on all their products before selling them. To top it off, all their products come with a one-year warranty. The only downside to the Sunnex 10-ton jack stand is that there are only a few reviews on Amazon to vouch for the product.

CARTMAN 3 Ton Jack Stands

If you’re looking for a pair of lower weight limit lift jack stands, Cartman sells a pair of 3-ton jack stands for less than $50. The jack stands are made of heavy-duty steel and have an easy-to-use ductile ratchet bar to adjust the height. In addition to the ratchet bar, the stands feature a double-locking pawl as a safety mechanism. This product also meets all requirements set by ANSI – rigorous safety standards that are one of Cartman’s number one priorities. With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, many customers acclaim that this product gets the job done and is perfect for performing quick repairs. While we were very impressed with this product, it failed to make our top three because in some cases, customers had to sand it for it to be usable.

Performance Tool 2 Ton Jack Stands

Another company that sells jack stands with a lower weight capacity is Performance Tool. Their heavy-duty jack stand comes in 2, 3, and 6-ton increments. So, if you need a pair of 6 ton jack stands, this is one of the best options. The 2-ton stand is perfect for efficient vehicles and sedans. Don’t let the lower weight limit fool you – these stands are constructed with a durable steel frame to ensure maximum strength. For less than $32, this pair of 2-ton jack stands is quite the deal. Based on the number of positive reviews, it’s obvious that many customers are pleased with the quality of materials used to construct these stands sold by Performance.

ESCO Car Jack Stands

This jack stand sold by ESCP2 holds three tons and doesn’t conform to the typical appearance that other jack stands have. You can adjust the jack stand between 13 and 21in. and it has a base coated in powder to prevent corrosion. Unlike the other jack stands reviewed, this listing only includes one standby default but has packages where you can buy up to four jack stands. This product just missed our top three because it isn’t super clear that you’re only getting one stand. The platform is circular-shaped and provides optimal stability. Reviewers claim that these jack stands are well worth the money and better than their square counterparts.

Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Jack Stands

With a maximum weight capacity of 4,000lbs, this heavy-duty jack stand is perfect for midsized cars and smaller trucks. I don’t need as much weight capacity or want a different style jack, Powerbuilt also sells a pair of 2-ton low profile jack stands and 3-ton all-in-one jack. Both the jack stand and a hydraulic bottle jack are combined into one unit. The 2-ton 620470 model has a height range between 8 5/8 in. and 18 3/8 in. According to the Amazon listing, this Powerbuilt jack stand is one of the “most reliable” tools on the market today. The hundreds of positive reviews seem to agree with that statement as well. A small downside to this product is that a handful of people said they received a non-working hydraulic pump. For less than $60 (and frequent sales), this product is one of the lowest priced jacks on Amazon.

Craftsman 4 Ton Jack Stands

Craftsman is known for their high-quality tools, and this 4-ton jack stand is no exception. This product meets all ANSI/PALD safety standards and features pawl locks for extra security. Even though the jack stand supports 4 tons, the weigh of the product itself is only 18.04 lbs., making it a good choice for a portable jack stand. You can easily change the height by using the adjustment mechanism. The minimum height is 12in and the maximum is 18. A handful of reviewers mentioned that because the product works so well, they ended up buying few of them. While most of the reviews are positive, this product wasn’t one of our top three products because some people stated that they received a defective product.

Craftsman 3 Ton Jack Stands

The last product to make our list of “other products to consider” is this 3-ton jack stand by Craftsman. This stand is a good alternative to their 4-ton product if you have a lighter car and don’t want to shell out as much cash. For less than $50, you get two pairs of safe jack stands that can support up to 3 tons. The jack stand is adjustable and has a minimum height of 13 7/6in and a maximum height of 21in. Reviews on Amazon note that this product works great for the price and ships very quickly. While no warranty information is stated explicitly on the product listing, you can contact Craftsman’s customer service to see if they offer a warranty. This product just fell shy of our list of top three jack stands because a few people claim that the red paint chips after you start to use it for a while.

General Information About Jack Stands

Purpose of Jack Stands and Who Uses Them

Both mechanics and everyday car owners use a jack stand to hold their car up after lifting it with a floor jack. Once the jacks are set at the correct height, the car gets lifted into the stands. The stands prevent the car from falling off the jack and help keep the vehicle steady. Below is an outline of how jack stands work:

  • Find a flat surface with no incline to work on your vehicle
  • Set the vehicle’s parking brake to make sure it doesn’t move when loaded
  • Use a standard floor jack to lift the vehicle
  • Consult your car’s owner’s manual to see where the stands should be installed
  • Install the first stand to a structural piece of the vehicle
  • Proceed to install the second jack stand on the other side of your vehicle

The Parts of Jack Stands and How They Work

A stand jack stand generally has a saddle, ratchet bar, base frame, and a locking handle. The saddle (platform) is the part of the jack stand that bears the load. Right underneath the saddle is the ratchet, the part of the stand that moves up and down to adjust the height. Once you reach the desired height, you lock the position of the ratchet bar with the locking handle. The last main component of a jack stand is the base frame. As the name suggests, the base frame is the body of the stand that rests on the ground.

Alternative Products

If you aren’t a fan of jack stands, there are a few other devices that get the job done. Mini ramps are a popular alternative to jack stands. Many people like mini ramps because they’re affordable and a lot of surface area. In some cases, there’s less room for error when you use a mini ramp. The downside to mini ramps is that sometimes there’s not enough traction and the car can slide backward. The prices for mini ramps are comparable to jack stands.

Jack Stand Buying Guide

The type of jack stand you end up buying will vary greatly depending on the vehicle you own. Someone with a Ford F150 would need a much stronger stand than someone with a Toyota Prius. Since jack stands aren’t considered a “complex” product, you don’t have to compare hundreds of different features. Even though jack stands are relatively simple products, the adjustment mechanism, and safety tools tend to differ from brand to brand. After compiling a list of the top jack stands, we identified the most important main features and additional features that buyers care about when shopping for a jack stand. This information comes from several reviews and technical guides highlighting the components of jack stands.

Main Features


Before buying a jack stand, you need to make sure it’s tall enough to support your vehicle. Cars with a low ground clearance such as a Mercedes Benz E-Class or Chevrolet Corvette won’t require a very high jack stand. If you own a Land Rover or Toyota 4 Runner, you’ll need to buy a jack stand that has enough height to reach the vehicle after lifting it with a floor jack.

Weight Capacity

Picking a jack stand that supports your car’s weight is a no-brainer. The weight capacity is often referred to as the “weight rating” and indicates the weight that the pair can hold. For example, a listing for a pair of 4-ton jack stands means that a single jack stand would support 2 tons. You should be going off your car’s “curb weight” – the weight of the vehicle when the gas tank is full, and no people are inside. You can find this weight in your owner’s manual. If your car’s weight is just under a certain weight limit, it never hurts to choose a jack stand that supports far more than your car’s weight. It’s also a good idea to round up because more weight is concentrated at the front of the car.

Safety Mechanisms

No matter what type of vehicle you own, it’s vital to buy a jack stand with extra safety mechanisms. Many stands boast a self-locking ratchet that locks automatically when you adjust the height and cannot be unlocked when there’s a load on the stand. Some manufacturers use pawl locks to ensure the ratchet stays locked in place. A pawl is a rigid bar with “teeth” or notches that only allow the bar to move in one direction. The pawl lock secures the bar or ratchet in one place and prevents it from moving in either direction. You’ll want to make sure the jack stand you buy has self-locking mechanisms and also complies with ANSI PALD ratings.

The Finish

When exposed to oxygen and water, oxidation occurs in steel (commonly used in jack stands) and forms rust on the exterior. That’s right – just like your vehicle, your jack stand can end up with corrosion and look like a total eyesore. When just stands to get rusty, they become harder to move up and down, getting stuck at the different adjustment points. Aluminum jack studs may corrode but they won’t rust. To avoid ending up with a rusty jack stand, you should look for a stand that has an anti-rust coating that’s resistant to corrosion.

Jack Stands in the Workplace

Automotive shop owners are working diligently to make sure all their technicians use jack stands properly. According to statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), mechanics are more susceptible to injury or death on the job when compared to the average worker. In the year 2012, 11 people were killed in the tire service industry after a vehicle fell on them. The causes of these deaths could have been simply not using a jack stand, a jack standing falling over, or a variety of other reasons. The OSHA Act of 1970 mentions the specific equipment that should be in place when lifting a vehicle. Even if an automotive shop is using jack stands, some employees negligently “shock load” the jack or use a jack without knowing the weight rating. Making sure mechanics use jack stands correctly is key to reducing workplace injuries and deaths.

Accessories for Jack Stands

Suncast Commercial Blow Molded Job Box

This wheel dolly by Dragway Tools is a must-have accessory, especially for those who work on multiple cars at once. The storage container boasts an automotive grade weather seal and is perfect for combating the elements of nature. Furthermore, there are two heavy-duty steel handles that make the job box easy to move. This plastic won’t crack or dent like some foreign-made products – the box is manufactured in the United States with heavy-duty plastic. Even if you only own a couple of jack stands, you can throw in your other automotive tools in this box and declutter your workspace. Since some jack stands can take up a lot of unwanted space, this commercial blow molded box job makes it easy to store them.

Dynamo Tall Jack Stand

If you want to store your jack stands but still have easy access to them, this tall jack stand sold by Dynamo is a must-have. The stand has a minimum height of 54in and a maximum height of 80in. In addition to the adjustable height, the stand supports up to 1,500lbs and comes with a 90-day warranty. Many car owners use these types of stands to hang their jack stands on. At 34lbs, the product itself is relatively light but still supports much more than its own weight. This device is definitely a good option if you want to keep your stands out in the open.

Jack Stands and Long-Term Care

Just like any automotive tool, it’s important to properly maintain your jack stands to keep them in their best condition. Taking steps to care for you jack stands will make them last longer. Here are some ways to clean, maintain, and store your jack stand.

Cleaning a Jack Stand

Keeping your jack stand clean doesn’t just make your garage look cleaner, but it also makes the stand last longer. If the stand doesn’t already come with a rust-resistant coating, you should buy a corrosion inhibitor. You can buy a corrosion inhibitor on Amazon or at brick-n-mortar stores such as Wal-Mart and Target for less than $15. This will keep your stand looking fresh and will keep it from being an eyesore in your garage. Another great product that prevents rust is Rust Encapsulator. You’ll notice that as you work on your car, the jack stand will likely collect some oil from your car. The best way to clean the oil off the jack stand is to use a cloth and some sort of degreaser. Never wear your best clothes while you work underneath your car because oil can permanently stain your clothes. While it’s not necessary to clean your car very often, taking the extra steps to keep it spiffy will make your garage look much nicer.

Maintaining and Inspecting Your Jack stand

Since having a well-working and non-defunct jack stand is so important to your safety, maintaining and inspecting your jack is vital. A general rule-of-thumb is that you should thoroughly inspect the device before each use. A visual inspection will catch any loose bolts, cracks, or other defects that could put you in harm’s way. If you do notice any signs of damage, the best thing to do is to consult with the manufacturer and see if you’re covered under the warranty. If you’re not under warranty, you might want to consider bringing it into a professional repair shop. In some cases, the best option is to just buy a new jack stand because sometimes the cost of repairing one is more than what it costs to buy a new one outright.

Storing Jack Stands

Not only does properly storing your jack stands to keep your garage from looking cluttered, it also plays a role in their longevity. For the most part, the temperature your jacks are stored in do not have a big effect on their physical state. On the other hand, you should keep your stands out of the snow and rain. If you live in a cold or wet environment, your best bet is always to keep your stands inside your garage (except in the summer months). There are various creative storage mechanisms you can use to put your jacks when you’re not using them. Some people hang their jacks on the wall, place them on storage carts, or install shelves on their wall for the stands.

A Final Glance at the Best Car Jack Stands

Every car owner who wants to work on his or her vehicle needs a pair of car lift stands. Jack stands don’t lift the vehicle, but rather provide support for a lifted vehicle to keep it from falling. To lift the vehicle itself, you’ll need to use a hydraulic lift. Nonetheless, owning a pair of jack stands is essential if you’re planning on to work on your car at home. With the use of a jack stand, you can safely rotate your tires, replace sensors and shocks, and perform other routine maintenance on your car. Many car owners think merely lifting their car is efficient. The reality is, not using jack stands poses an immediate threat. For under $60, you can purchase a jack stand that meets strict safety regulations. As showcased in our product reviews, some of the best car jack stands are available on Amazon. Whether you have a monster truck or a mini cooper, you can find a jack stand that will support your vehicle’s weight. Here’s one last look at the top three jack stands on


Strongway Double-Locking 12 Ton Jack Stands

By far the strongest pair of jack stands on Amazon, this product sold by Strongway supports up to 12 tons. In addition to the high weight limit, the jack stands are built with high-grade steel and coated with a lead-free paint. The oil-based paint is resistant to dirt and grease, making it easy to clean up after working on your vehicle. Moreover, the stands boast double-locking technology that ensures your safety while working under the car. Every single one of the reviews on Amazon is positive, with most of them noting how impressed they were with both the quality of the material and the immaculate finish of the stand. For a high-capacity double-locking stand, this product is one of the best.

OTC Jack Stands

The second product on our list the pair of jack stands sold by OTC. These stands feature a ratchet system with three different increments, so you can set it at a height that works best for your vehicle. Additionally, the device boasts a flat base that keeps it from sinking into the ground while you’re working (that’s a big plus, right?). While this product is a bit costlier than some of the others on Amazon, you’re getting what you pay for. Every reviewer has great things to say about this product and many of them mention that it’s a solid stand that’s built-to-last. Another big advantage of this product is that it’s made in the USA and so strong that it can hold motorhomes. Regardless of the vehicle you own, sometimes going the extra mile for a high-capacity jack stand can pay off.

Torin Big Red Jack Stands

Finishing off our list is the big red jack stands by Torin. This product is available in a variety of weight capacities, ranging from two to twelve tons. A pair of 2-ton jack stands will set you back about $20 and if you want to go with the strongest option (12 tons), you won’t even have to shell out more than $90. Without a doubt, this product is one of the best deals when it comes to the price and capacity ratio. The jacks are constructed with high-grade forged steel to ensure durability and safety. Aside from the structural safety features, Torin performs thorough safety testing on all their products and every item they sell meets ASME safety standards. If you’re not pleased with your product for some reason, Torin offers a one-year manufacturer warranty with each sale.

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