• Manufacturer – K-Tool International
  • Maximum lifting capacity – 2 ton (4000 lb)
  • Wheel count – 6 casters, 360 degree rotation
  • Material – High tensile steel
  • Hydraulic jack capacity – 8 ton (16000 lb)
  • Foldable – Yes
  • Adjustable boom positions – 4 positions:
    1. 2 ton (4000 lb);
    2. 1.5 ton (3000 lb);
    3. 1 ton (2000 lb);
    4. ½ ton (1000 lb).
  • Extendable legs – No
  • Weight – 212 lb (96 kg)
  • Dimensions approx. – 38x63x52 inches (96x160x132 cm)
  • Lifting range
    • 12.5-70.8 inches (0.32×1.79 m) from the ground with closed boom
    • 0-88 inches (0-2.23 m) from the ground with fully extended boom

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Engine lifter is sold by a company called K-Tool International, which is a distributor of various different tools for repair including lifting and hydraulic tools. The KTI-63422 engine hoist is a tool with 2 ton (4000 lb) maximum lifting capacity. Lifter can be used for various tasks, such as lifting engines out of cars, to lift transmissions, gearboxes and other car parts. Also this tool can be used in other industries to lift heavy equipment.


The construction of the hoist is made from a high tensile steel material, which is very durable and should not have problems lifting up to 2 ton (4000 lb) heavy loads, so you shouldn’t expect any parts of the hoist start bending when lifting heavier loads. KTI-63422 engine lifter has got a foldable design, the legs of the hoist can be folded upwards and the boom can be lowered down, so the hoist takes up almost 1/3 less space than in working position. The hoist has got 4 wheels under it in a folded position, so you can easily roll it across the floor in a folded position. Also this K-Tool International lifter is equipped with an adjustable boom with chain and hook and a high capacity hydraulic jack, two foldable legs and 6 swivel casters. On the back of the upright mast there is a moving handle with 2 rubber grips that allows to move the hoist more easily.


For lifting loads this KTI-63422 engine hoist has got an 8 ton (16000 lb) high capacity hydrualic jack. The hydraulic jack can be worked with a lifting bar by inserting it into a special hole on the bottom of the jack. There is also a mount on the side of the mast, where you can place the lifting bar when its not being used.

Legs and wheels

The hoist features 2 durable steel legs, both legs can be folded or detached from the hoist. Under the legs there are total of 6 casters, all casters can be rotated 360 degrees around for extended movement. Casters are durable, made from steel and easily rolls across the floor even when the hoist is carrying a load.


On top of the hoist there is an adjustable boom with 4 positions:

  1. 2 ton (4000 lb), with lifting range 12.5-70.7 inches (0.32×1.79 m) from the ground;
  2. 1.5 ton (3000 lb), with lifting range 7-76.9 inches (0.17-1.95 m) from the ground;
  3. 1 ton (2000 lb), with lifting range 0-82 inches (0-2.08 m) from the ground;
  4. ½ ton (1000 lb), with lifting range 0-88 inches (0-2.23 m) from the ground.

The length of a closed boom is 37 inches (94 cm) and length of a fully extended boom is 57.5 inches (146 cm). At the end of the boom there is a chain and a hook.

Size and weight

The dimensions of KTI-63422 engine hoist is approx. 38x63x52 inches (96x160x132 cm) and the weight is 212 lb (96 kg).

Check Pricing and Purchase this KTI-63422 engine hoist


  • Durable tool, made from a high quality steel
  • Stable design and easy to move thanks to 6 swivel casters
  • Foldable, allows to save space when hoist is not in use


  • High price for a 2 ton (4000 lb) engine hoist, because there are lower priced hoists with the same lifting capacity from better known brands
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