• Manufacturer – Neiko
  • Maximum lifting capacity – 3/4 ton (1500 lb)
  • Material – Steel
  • Lifting range – 5 feet (1.5 m)
  • Chain diameter – 0.235 inches (5.97 cm)
  • Weight – 15.6 lb (7.8 kg)
  • Dimensions approx. – 14.3×6.5×6.1 inches (36×16.5×15.5 cm)
  • Additional features – lever block

Check Pricing and Purchase this Neiko lever block chain hoist


This chain hoist manufactured by Neiko is a bit different from most of chain hosts. We are used to see a chain hoist which has 2 chains and by pulling one you are moving gears that move the other chain. Well this chain hoist differs with a lever block instead of a chain that must be pulled. The lever must be rotated and it will engage the whole lifting process. It seems a very good technology because the chains now will not take so much space because there is only one chain. And there wont be a problem with chain jamming anymore too. But from the other side, this new innovation has it’s downsides. It can’t be attached to ceiling because then you will have to climb up to hoist mechanism if you want to rotate the lever. This chain hoist also has very small lifting range. It’s because of chain thickness. There is only one thin chain and it doesn’t allow the chain to be longer or lift heavier loads than 3/4 ton (1500 lb). If the chain was thicker then the rotation of lever would be much harder or the gear mechanism would be more complicated and bigger. This chain hoist isn’t built for lifting engines unless it has a specially constructed frame for lifting at this height. This Neiko lever block chain hoist is mostly designed to lift heavy equipment like wooden logs or shop products. If we compare this lever block to basic manual chain hoists then we prefer the basic ones. The usability of basic 2-chain hoists is much better. They also allow us to lift much heavier loads for a smaller price. These restrictions of lifting height and capacity are a good reason not to buy this type chain hoist unless there is a need for lifting quite heavy objects in a limited height range.

Size and weight

Steel construction of this chain hoist make the whole 15.6 pounds (7.8 kg) of it’s weight. The approx. dimensions of this chain host are 14.3×6.5×6.1 inches (36×16.5×15.5 cm). The lifting range is 5 feet (1.5 m). Thickness of the chain is 0.235 inches (5.97 cm) which is quite thin chain. Distance between both hooks – 11.8 inches (30 cm).

Check Pricing and Purchase this Neiko lever block chain hoist


  • Pulling chain replaced with a lever
  • Good quality steel material
  • Takes less space


  • Costs more than basic chain hoists
  • Small lifting capacity and range
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