• Distributor – Black Bull
  • Maximum lifting capacity – 2 ton (4000 lb)
  • Wheel count – 6 casters, 360 degree rotation
  • Material – Heavy duty steel
  • Hydraulic jack capacity – 8 ton (16000 lb)
  • Foldable – Yes
  • Adjustable boom positions – 4 positions:
    1. 2 ton (4000 lb);
    2. 1.5 ton (3000 lb);
    3. 1 ton (2000 lb);
    4. ½ ton (1000 lb).
  • Extendable legs – No
  • Weight – 200 lb (91 kg)
  • Dimensions (folded) approx. – 40x31x60 inches (101.6×78.7×152.4 cm)
  • Dimensions (working) approx. – 68x40x106 inches (172.7×101.6×269.2 cm)

Check Pricing and Purchase this Black Bull CP8SS engine hoist


This engine hoist is made by a company called Black Bull that makes different kind of lifting tools as well as an engine stand. Black Bull CP8SS is their engine hoist with a 2 ton (4000 lb) lifting capacity. This tool is made to be used for lifting engines, transmissions, car or motorcycle parts and many other heavy objects that weight does not exceed 2 ton (4000 lb) limit. The hoist can be used not only by individual car repairers and hobbyists, but also by professional car mechanics in a workshop, because the tool is made from a heavy duty steel material that will provide a long life span for the tool.


As mentioned above the hoist is made from a heavy duty steel tubes that are linked together with strong steel bolts and pins. The hoist comes dismounted in a large carton box, so you will need to assemble the tool by yourself. This can be done individually but some assistance will ease the assembly process. The hoist has got a foldable design, which is useful for those that have a limited space in their garage or workshop, because in a folded position the hoist will be almost 30 inches (76.2 cm) shorter in length, 9 inches (22.8 cm) narrower in width and 45 inches (114.3 cm) shorter in height. The hoist can be moved also in a folded positions, which allows for easy storage of the lifter.

The total lifting capacity of the tool is 2 tons (4000 lb) with a closed boom, the lifting capacity decreases when the boom is extended further.


Black Bull CP8SS engine hoist is equipped with an 8 ton (16000 lb) hydraulic ram. The hydraulic jack on this hoist is high capacity jack and will lift heavy loads, such as V6 engine blocks with ease. To lift a load there is a pumping bar that must be inserted into an opening at the base of the jack. Pumping the bar will increase the pressure inside a hydraulic cylinder and the boom of the hoist will get lifted together with an attached load. To lower the boom you must slowly open a bleed valve that is also located at the base of the jack. Opening the valve will decrease the pressure inside the ram and the load will be lowered. Remember that the valve must be opened very carefully, because lowering process is much faster than the lifting process of the ram.

Legs and wheels

The engine hoist has got two legs that can both be folded, when hoist is being stored. Legs are attached to the base with two steel pins, which can be removed fast and easy for storage of the tool. The hoist has got total of 6 casters under the legs. All 6 casters can be rotated 360 degrees around to increase the maneuverability of the lifter. Casters have durable ball bearings and allow the hoist to be easily moved even when holding a load.


On the top of the hoist an expandable boom is located with 4 adjustment positions:

  1. 2 ton (4000 lb);
  2. 1.5 ton (3000 lb);
  3. 1 ton (2000 lb);
  4. ½ ton (1000 lb).

At the end of the boom there is a chain and a hook, where you can attach lifting chains.

Size and weight

The dimensions of the hoist in a working position are 68x40x106 inches (172.7×101.6×269.2 cm), and in a folded position: 40x31x60 inches (172.7×101.6×269.2 cm). The weight of the lifter is 200 lb (91 kg).

Check Pricing and Purchase this Black Bull CP8SS engine hoist


  • Durable, high tensile steel construction
  • 2 ton (4000 lb) lifting capacity with 8 ton (16000 lb) ram can lift standard V4 and V6 engine blocks
  • Foldable design reduces the size of the hoist almost by 1/3 and allows for easy storage


  • High price for a 2 ton (4000 lb) engine hoist
  • No moving handle on the back of the post that could allow to move the hoist more easily when holding a load
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