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Summer is here and so is the warm weather, sunshine and summer vacation. Even if you cannot afford a lavish trip to some tropical island, you can always go on a road trip or drive to your neighboring town and explore to make your summer a lit more interesting. However, before you embark on your trip, and go driving around with your car, you should read these few simple summer car care tips that will help your car work better in the summer heat and you enjoy the sun without having to spend it figuring out what went wrong with your car on the side of the road.

One of the main systems that has to work that much harder in the summer heat is the cooling system, because it is designed to prevent engine overheating, which is more likely to happen when it is above hot outside. So to make sure that your engine is nice and cool and your cooling system works efficiently, you should use a mixture of coolant and distilled water in half and half proportions in your radiator, because this type of mixture will be able to cool down your engine in the most efficient way. Just remember to make sure that the radiator cap is cool when you ho to check the radiator liquid levels or go to pore the mixture in your radiator.

Tires are another part of the car that need extra care in the summer, especially if it is a hot one. Once the temperatures begin climbing, the added stress on the tires start building, too. By added pressure I mean higher pressure whiting the tire, which, if not monitored, can cause flat tire at the moment you least expect it. So make sure you check the pressure in your tires regularly as well as keep up with the condition of your tires. And better to do it when the tires are cold, as that will provide the best and most accurate readings.

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And then there are the problem of how car interior and scorching hot steering wheel when you get in your car after it has been in the sun for a while. A tip how to get the salon of your car cool quicker is to not only bast your AC when you start driving but to also roll all of your windows down at the beginning of your drive. This way the temperature inside of your car will lower to the outside temperature, and then you can roll the windows back up and blast the cool air, so the temperature drops some more. As for the steering wheel, you can just turn it 180 degrees upon parking your car. This will make sure that the part you will actually be touching when you will start driving again will be cool, when it is time to go.

It doesn’t take a lot to keep your car in good condition during the summer. But if you do nothing, that can cause huge problems for you and your car, so follow these easy tips and be sure that your car is in its best shape, so you can really enjoy the summer, without worrying about the condition of your car.

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