• Manufacturer – Vestil
  • Maximum lifting capacity – 1 ton (2000 lb)
  • Wheel count – 4 casters
  • Material – Heavy duty steel
  • Foldable – Yes
  • Adjustable boom positions – 4 positions:
    1. 1 ton (2000 lb);
    2. 3/4 ton (1500 lb);
    3. ½ ton (1000 lb);
    4. ¼ ton (500 lb).
  • Extendable legs – No
  • Dimensions approx. – 33x44x60 inches (83.8×111.7×152.4 cm)
  • Weight – 207 lb (94 kg)
  • Lifting ranges
    1. 20 – 76 inches (51 – 193 cm) at 2000 lb (1 ton) position
    2. 17 – 78 inches (43 – 198 cm) at 1500 lb (3/4 ton ) position
    3. 14 – 80 inches (36 – 203 cm) at 1000 lb (½ ton) position
    4. 10 – 82 inches (25 – 208 cm) at 500 lb (¼ ton) position

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Vestil Manufacturing is a large company with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing different tools for lifting and handling of heavy objects around factories and storages. They have a large facility and employs over 300 employees. Their products range from lift tables, dock lifts, engine lifters to hand trucks, pallet jacks and many other tools.


Vestilc EHN 20 C engine hoist

Vestil EHN-20-C hoist is one of Vestil’s portable shop crane engine hoist line lifters. This is the most basic model of Vestil hoists, which features a foldable design and can lift up to 2000 lb (1 ton) heavy weights.

EHN-20-C engine hoist is a heavy duty tool that can be used to lift all sorts of objects, starting from automotive parts like engines, transmission, gearboxes and body details to different factory or manufacturing equipment, store goods and other objects in different industries.


The fame of Vestil EHN-20-C engine lifter is made from a heavy duty steel plates, which are welded together to make a high quality frame that can handle loads up to 2000 lbs (1 ton). The construction of this hoist has got a really good build quality, all moving parts are screwed together with durable, thick screws that won’t fail even when very high loads are going to be lifted. The paint job of the hoist is also done pretty well and the yellow color will make the hoist stand out among other tools.

The hoist features a foldable design, the boom of the hoist can be lowered in a position close to the jack and legs can be turned upwards, so the hoist takes up a lot less space, which will be useful for those who have limited amount of space in their workplace.

Behind the main frame of hoist there is a pushing handle with rubber grips that allows to move the hoist more easily when it carries a load.


Vestil EHN-20-C engine hoists has got a high capacity hydraulic ram that can lift loads heavier than 2000 lb (1 ton). The hoist of this tool works pretty fast and beats the speed of other cheaper 2000 lb engine lifters. The hydraulic jack is made thicker to provide more durability when lifting. Hydraulic jack rises the boom of the lifter when the jack is being pumped with a special metal bar that comes with the hoist and needs to be inserted in to a holder that is located on the ram. We really likes that the hoist has got a special holder for the pumping bar on the main frame of the lifter, so you will never loose the bar when hoist is not in use. We did not find such a feature on many other engine hoists. To lower a load there is a bleed valve located on the bottom of the ram, same as you will find on other hydraulic hoists. You need to open the bleed valve by turning it to lower a load. Also remember to close the valve before lifting a load, or else the hoist won’t be able to lift.

Legs and wheels

Vestil EHN-20-C engine lifter has got 4 casters, 2 on the back of the hoist and 2 on the front of the legs. The rear wheels can be turned 360 degrees around, while the front wheels can only move in forward and backward directions. Although this hoist does not allow such maneuverability as hoist with 6 wheels that can rotate 360 degrees, for most occasions maneuverability of this hoist is going to be sufficient. If you have a very specific needs of the maneuverability of the hoists or need to use it in a very limited area, look for hoists that provide a 360 degree rotation for all casters.

The legs of the hoist can be folded into an upright position and needs to be secured in this position with locking pins. When folding legs back into a horizontal position, it is important to place the locking pins back into the legs of the hoists or else the hoist might fail which can be dangerous for the load being lifter as well as the person operating the hoist. Locking pins will help to keep the legs in a static position when hoist is being used or when its folded.

Vestil EHN-20-C


Vestil engine lifter has got an adjustable boom with 4 adjustment positions:

  1. 1 ton (2000 lb) with boom length 36 inches (91 cm);
  2. 3/4 ton (1500 lb) with boom length 40 inches (101 cm);
  3. ½ ton (1000 lb) with boom length 43 inches (109 cm);
  4. ¼ ton (500 lb) with boom length 47 inches (119 cm).

The lifting ranges of the hoist with boom in different extended positions are:

  • 20 – 76 inches (51 – 193 cm) at 2000 lb (1 ton) position
  • 17 – 78 inches (43 – 198 cm) at 1500 lb (3/4 ton ) position
  • 14 – 80 inches (36 – 203 cm) at 1000 lb (½ ton) position
  • 10 – 82 inches (25 – 208 cm) at 500 lb (¼ ton) position

Same as with other hydraulic engine hoists, this tool has got a metal chain and a hook at the end of the boom, where lifting mounts can be attached.

Size and weight

The dimensions of this hoist are 33x44x60 inches (84x111x152 cm). The weight of the lifter is 207 lb (94 kg).

Check Pricing and Purchase this Vestil EHN-20-C engine hoist


  • Durable, high quality construction
  • Reliable manufacturer with more than 50 year experience in the field
  • Has multiple small but useful features such as pumping bar holder and a pushing handle


  • 4 casters (only 2 with 360 rotation) does not provide the best maneuverability for the hoist
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