• Manufacturer – OTC
  • Capacity – 1/2 ton (1000 lb)
  • Wheel count – 4 casters
  • Material – High tensile steel
  • Foldable – No
  • Weight – 106 lb (48 kg)
  • Dimensions approx. – 46x36x28 inches (117x91x71 cm)
  • Head – 360 rotatable
  • Adjustable mounting arms – Yes

Check Pricing and Purchase this OTC 1726A engine stand


OTC 1726A engine stand
Engine stand is manufactured by a company called OTC, which is well known and reliable manufacturer of large variety of automotive tools. This is a top class engine stand that will hold an engine block and allow you to perform repairs to the engine more easily. This tool can hold pretty large engine blocks with capacity up to ½ ton (1000 lb), so you are able to store most regular car engine blocks on it. The tool is made in the USA and is backed up with the OTC Lifetime Marathon Warranty, which shows that company stand by the quality of their products.


OTC 1726A engine stand is made from a heavy duty steel. The leg part attaches to the upright post with a durable steel screw, so it can be quickly dismounted if needed for transportation or storage. Steel parts of the stand have high quality welds and you can immediately tell the difference when comparing this engine stand with a cheaper, low quality engine stand. OTC stand is painted in a white and blue colors. You can also get this tool with a drip pan for about 80 dollars more that is a useful addition.

Mounting plate and arms

The engine stand has a rotating head that can be rotated 360 degrees around and fixed into on of 8 positions with a locking pin. On the front of the rotating head there is a mounting plate with 4 adjustable mounting arms that can be moved to fit different engine blocks. The mounting of an engine block to the stand is pretty quick and easy and should not cause any problems. On the back of the head there is a 24 inch (61 cm) long bar that allows to rotate the head with an engine block more easily. Before using the stand lubricate the mounting head so it rotates freely.

Legs and wheels

Engine stand has got a single post design with two legs and 4 casters, 2 on the front and 2 on the back of the stand and the size of wheels is 3.5 inches (9 cm). Legs can be detached from the stand simply by removing a bolt that attaches the upright post to the leg. Both rear wheels can be moved to front and back and keeps the engine stand stable, which is important when attaching an engine block to the stand. Both front casters have a 360 degree design that allows moving the stand in multiple directions.

Size and weight

The size of OTC 1726A engine stand is 46x36x28 inches (117x91x71 cm) and it weighs 106 lb (48 kg).

OTC 1726A stand holding an engine

Check Pricing and Purchase this OTC 1726A engine stand


  • Strong and durable engine stand that will hold heavy engine block with ease
  • Tool is made from a high grade steel and is very stable, so you can store any engine block with up to ½ ton (1000 lb) capacity without worrying that the tool might fail
  • Noticeably better quality of parts when compared to cheap engine stands
  • Easy to install and use, can be quickly dismounted for storage
  • Available with a drip pan for additional cost


  • The price of the stand is few times higher than for cheap engine stands with the same capacity, although the quality of the tool is also much higher. However, if you need an engine stand for occasional use to store lighter engine blocks, you can also look at cheaper stands with decent quality and save more money
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